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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Is The Donald winning Hispanic voters?

Leslie Sanchez is the former director of the White House Initiative on Hispanic Education under George W. Bush and author of “Los Republicanos: Why Hispanics and Republicans Need Each Other.” She is a proponent of amnesty for illegal aliens, a position of the Chamber of Commerce as well as socialists.

In a column on Sunday in Roll Call -- "Will Trump Drive Away Next Generation of Hispanic Leaders?" -- Sanchez wrote:
According to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, Republicans accounted for just 1 in 12 partisan-elected Latinos at all levels in 2004. Compare that to 2014 — before the election — when they accounted for nearly 1 in 7. Hispanic Republicans have fared especially well in higher offices compared to their Democratic counterparts. Eight of the 12 Latinos holding statewide office today are Republicans — a dramatic shift from 2004, when 8 of 10 were Democrats.
These modest gains represent an important first step toward improving Republicans’ future with Latino voters, who are not nearly as unpersuadable as many on the Left and Right would have it. But those gains could easily be squandered if Trump is given the opportunity to create the next generation of Latino politicians and voters.
Maybe not.

The New York Post reported also on Sunday:
Despite his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is the favorite among Latino Republicans, according to new polling results revealed to The Post.
Thirty eight percent favor Trump, followed by Cuban American Ted Cruz (15 percent), Jeb Bush (14 percent) and Cuban American Marco Rubio (8 percent), according to the national poll conducted by the Beck Research for the American Federation for Children.
“If you’re trying to stop Trump – this poll should trouble you,” said pollster Deborah Beck.
That is amazing. Trump's share of the Latino (or Hispanic) vote is more than the combined vote of the first two serious Hispanic candidates for the president and a man whose wife is a Mexican-American.

Indeed, Trump's support among Hispanic Republicans is about the same as his support among white Republicans. There are several explanations. Hispanic Republicans may assimilate better. Or it just may be that if you live among illegal aliens, your opinion of illegal aliens may be closer to Trump's than the triumvirate of Politically Correct Hispanics.

Considering his support is even stronger outside the Republican Party than Cruz, Rubio or Jeb could ever dream of having, maybe Trump is right when he says he will grow the Republican Party's share of the Hispanic vote. Far from squandering gains, Trump may actually add to them, which would hinder Sanchez's efforts on behalf of amnesty.

You know the best way to attract voters? Stand for something Democrats do not stand for.


  1. It's like Cruz's ad with lawyers jumping the border. Legal Hispanics don't want the competition from illegals any more than anybody else, and they're on the front lines of the invasion. - Elric

  2. You don't win people over by pandering to them. Unless, unfortunately, you throw in a lot of other people's money.