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Monday, February 29, 2016

Is Bernie breaking election laws?

After running on how corrupt the political system is, Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders stands accused of accepting illegal campaign donations.

If true, that is one way he can show he is a true Democrat.

From the Washington Free Beacon:
The Federal Election Commission sent a letter to the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign committee on Thursday with a 90-page spreadsheet listing 3,457 “excessive, prohibited, and impermissible contributions.”
The campaign’s January financial disclosure filing listed contributions from foreign nationals and unregistered political committees, the FEC said. Other contributions came from donors who exceeded the $2,700 per-election limit.
“Although the Commission may take further legal action concerning the acceptance of [excessive or prohibited] contributions, your prompt action to refund the prohibited amount will be taken into consideration,” the FEC told the campaign.
He has almost caught up with Hillary in the crook department. If only he left a few people to die in the Middle East, he would be just like her.


  1. Political prisons have been on the Democratic Party wish list for some time, but for the their opposite numbers in the GOP. Maybe they were projecting their actions onto the GOP. - Elric

  2. It's good to be a Democrat. Let's pretend Obama didn't use eVerify and didn't illegally receive donations from around the world. Gee, I wonder WHO could have contributed to his billion dollar campaign...WHO? Funny. http://www.wnd.com/2008/08/71431/

  3. You have to wonder if Hillary has arranged this coup de grace to Bernie's feeble insurrection by way of the FEC. Her support among Lib bureaucrats runs wide and deep.

  4. Unrelenting and yet unprosecuted Corruptability is the single most sought after virtue for the prospective Democrat office holder. To the potential donor it signifies not only a willingness to listen to his schemes but is an assurance they will be carried out with diligence and more importantly with absolute immunity on his part. Sanders has a formidable opponent with much ground to make up. Perhaps he suddenly did some Don math and realized 5 million Soros dollars equaled 185185.185 of his $27 donors. It is a mysterious number too, endlessly repeating itself, a message he could not ignore .

  5. A shot across the bow from the Clinton crime syndicate. If he persists, Bernie can expect to wake up with a horse's head in his bed.

  6. Bernie's just trying to beef-up his democrat resume: they don't call it the corrupt party for nothing.

  7. Seems to happen every election cycle, and nothing ever comes of it.

  8. Since everyone is proposing changes to the Constitution...here's one of mine.

    The Attorney General should be an independent branch, beholden to neither of the other federal branches. The AG would be selected by a conclave of the State's Attorney Generals (all of whom are elected independently of the governors and legislatures) for a single four year term and funded by levies on the states (no Congressional blackmail). The AG would appoint the federal prosecutors putting all federal prosecutorial powers outside the reach of the people who most need to be afraid of prosecution.

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  10. Is Bernie breaking election laws? Is he a Democrat? Is the Archbishop of Canterbury Anglican?

  11. A shot across the bow from the Clinton crime syndicate. If he persists, Bernie can expect to wake up with a horse's head in his bed.http://coradar.org/diabetes-reducer-review/