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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fire Reince

The CBS debate on Saturday night was terrible. Worse than the last one. Worse than the CNBC debate. Reince Priebus used the event to raise money for the RNC bureaucracy, selling tickets to millionaire donors who booed and hooted and acted worse than middle schoolers.

Republicans were trashed in debate after debate in 2008 and 2012. They begged the party to put out the fire. The RNC threw gasoline on the fire. The debate moderators were by and large clueless about what Republican issues are. Instead of focusing on policies, each debate seemed to have a moderator or two who focused on the personalities. The exception being CNN and Fox Business News.

In the last two debates, the RNC scalped tickets. Candidates received only 20 tickets each in a hall that seated 1,900? That raised money for the RNC bureaucracy, but it also led to a night of horrors for the party.

The public sees the debates. Democratic debates are courteous, respectful and focused on the issues.

Republican ones are WWE.

You cannot blame any one candidate for that. The bickering is all around, punctuated by an RNC audience that drowns out answers from the candidates.

Reince is a glad-hander who raises a lot of money so the RNC money-raising machine can continue to raise money. They will not fire him. The RNC measures his success not in how well Republicans do, but how much money he raises. I guess losing is the optimum find-raising mechanism for the RNC. Certainly the RNC does not care how bad these debates look to the public.

I will vote Republican in November, but only at the state level and below. In the first two years of Republican control of the state legislature in 82 years, Republicans have delivered. On the national level, it is just a bureaucracy content on second-class status. Let the losers lose then.


  1. A vote for Trump is a vote to fire Reince.

  2. That debate was a nightmare; it made me so angry. Trump won the polls (even though his performance was sub-par, IMHO) because people see exactly what's happening and are pushing back. Reince is as big a fool as the Democrats' DWS.

  3. I thought Trump was impressive in a way that was appropriate to the setting. He won "ugly."

  4. Not voting nationally is simply voting for the Democrats. Heap all the disdain, contempt or wrath at any of the Republican candidates, including clownboy, that you want. But in the end, none of them are worse than the Democrats who debate which of them hates the United States more. You know, to continue Obama's legacy.

    As the old saying goes, if you choose not to vote, you've voted. If you choose not to vote out of pique, you've cut off your nose to spite your face.

    Voting should be a rational activity and you, Don, give the reason for voting. The Republican Revolution is flowing up from below. The massive turn of state houses that you describe in WV will eventually flow up to the national level. And that's what you're supporting even if you have to vote for clownboy. We can take care of Preibus later.

    PS: The purpose of the Party chair is to raise money. What the candidates should do, every one of whom claims to be able to work with opponents, is set up their own debate formats. If the RNC can't set up a viable debate, f***'em.

    1. The conceit here is Trump will carry West Virginia (my state) like it was made of balsa wood. :)

    2. I'm not surprised. There are likely far more registered Democrats in WV than Republicans.

  5. The Republicans seem determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I think you're right, they don't care about winning, they care about how much money they can make by losing. The establishment has already decided to concede if their candidate (whoever that is) doesn't win, and it looks increasingly like that will be the case. Heaven help us all.

  6. All of these Republican debates have been billed as practically wrestling events. CNN even ran their commercials advertising the debates that way. But the audience for that last debate? Their behavior is bound to have turned off voters. No wonder it's called the stupid party.

  7. Mr Priebus asked me for donation $35 to unite the party. Next day sent me email that he is shocked that I didn't contribute. He should not be a chairman if he doesn't know that some people do not have $35. Please instead STOP TRUMP, start FIRE PRIEBUS movement.