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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Fake cry of rape may draw five years in prison

Taffy Timbrelee Wheeler, 31, of Myrtle Beach, told police she was accosted during an early morning walk and gang-raped by four men.

She lied.

But instead of patting her on the head and sending her home, police arrested her.


It is time to hold people who falsely accuse others of rape, of race crimes, and the like, to face the consequences of their actions.

From Myrtle Beach Online:
The report showed police were growing more suspicious of Wheeler in follow-up interviews after the Sunday investigation began.
“The information the victim provided changed with each officer she talked to,” the report states. “The victim showed officers where the assault happened,” but there were “no signs of an assault occurring at that location. The sand was not disturbed and the only impressions in the sand were shoe prints.”
Police also observed “the victim did not have any signs of physical injuries and the only dirt on her clothes” was found on “the heel of her pants. The victim stated her face was forced into the sand,” but there was “no sand in her hair or ears when she was evaluated at the hospital,” according to the report.
While a detective was explaining these findings to Wheeler, the report says, she told her husband, “We need to tell him the truth.”
Wheeler faces one felony count of filing a false police report of a felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and up to a $1,000 fine, according to state law.
While she thankfully did not name anyone specifically, she cried wolf, which will make it that much harder when a real rape victim reports a similar, actual crime to the police.


  1. In this case, since the woman did not falsely accuse any specific individuals by name, the $1000 fine would probably be the appropriate punishment for her. In addition, as a felon, in some (most? all?) jurisdictions she would also lose her right to vote.

  2. With that poor a story, she's too dumb to vote.