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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Disband the FEC

The Federal Election Commission is an unconstitutional government agency set up by a liberal Congress to harass and collect oppo research information on conservatives. It interferes with the free election of presidents, senators and congressmen.

The latest example comes from the Hill:
Campaign finance watchdogs are calling on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to investigate allegations that GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) failed to report loans from his 2012 Senate race.
The complaint on Wednesday from the Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 comes about a week after The New York Times reported Cruz had failed to disclose two loans worth up to $500,000 each, one from Citibank and another from Goldman Sachs.
While Cruz claimed that he and his wife had liquidated their “entire net worth,” and put it into the campaign, the Campaign Legal Center said it appears he used both personal and joint assets to secure loans from the two banks and then failed to disclose he had done so.
“The failure to report these loans is a clear cut violation of the law and kept voters in the dark about the money behind the Cruz campaign,” Paul Ryan, the center’s deputy executive director, said in a news release. “If he also used his wife’s assets to obtain these unreported loans, he caused his committee to accept illegal excessive contributions from his wife.”
Democracy 21 is a socialistic tax-exempt corporation opposed to free speech, specifically the Citizens United case. Likely, Democracy 21 leaked the story to the New York Times to make this nontroversy a news story that Democracy 21 could react to. This is harassment.

Republicans should dismantle the FEC. It serves as muscle for the left, which seeks to silence conservatives.

States run elections, not the federal government.

And the only true watchdog group is called The American Voter.


  1. Why don't the Republicans have one, too? Oh; they want to play nice.

  2. Whine with that cheese?

  3. Why doesn't the FEC investigate Hillary Clinton? Oh, right. The FBI is already on it. - Elric

  4. Don, The American Voter hasn't been much more than a lap dog, lately.

  5. The Republicans are part of the problem. Don't ever think that they will improve anything.

  6. As I've said elsewhere, and frequently, we have the government we have today because we quit hanging criminal congresscritters over a hundred years ago. We can only have honest government when those we elect are in fear of their lives if they do things that are illegal. Hillary needs to be the first of many hundreds.