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Friday, February 05, 2016

Australia laying off its climate change scientists

Chicken Little received his pink slip.

Unable to afford the luxury of indulging socialist junk science, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is laying off researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. The gravy train is ending.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:
In the email sent out to staff on Thursday morning, CSIRO's chief executive Larry Marshall indicated that, since climate change had been established, further work in the area would be a reduced priority. 
"CSIRO pioneered climate research, the same way we saved the cotton and wool industries for our nation," Dr Marshall said. "But we cannot rest on our laurels as that is the path to mediocrity.
"Our climate models are among the best in the world and our measurements honed those models to prove global climate change," he said.
"That question has been answered, and the new question is what do we do about it, and how can we find solutions for the climate we will be living with?"
Of course, none of the predictions from those models. The Arctic is not ice free. Floroda has not seen a hurricane in a decade. And three of the largest snowfalls in DC's history occurred after RFK Jr. said there would be no more snow in Washington in 2008.

Why do we indulge these anti-capitalist fantasies of congenital liars?


  1. They are like swallows, always chirping and flying around in the summer and dissapearing in the winter. The lust for tax cash they produce, along with the now well established expectation of the unpunished lie, keep them powerful among the governing classes . Only reality has kept them at bay

  2. Well, since the a pro-global warming scientist believes that the science is settled, there really is no point in further research.

  3. ". . . our measurements honed those models to prove global climate change . . . ."

    That sounds to me like an overt admission that the data has been fudged to conform to a pre-existing conclusion! Translation: "We have adjusted those models to prove that global warming exists." Science?

  4. Of course climate changes. No need for research on that. As to whether it is getting warmer or cooler, who cares? It's changing. As far as global warming is concerned, bring it on! "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day!" - Elric

  5. On to the next boondoggle!

    -Mikey NTH

  6. From the Comments at the Sidney Morning Herald:

    Stuff happens when you keep saying "the science is settled."

  7. On Groundhog Day Bernie Sanders saw his shadow, proving that we have an early Global Warming coming. It's science.

  8. Climate change has indeed taken place and everyone is well aware of this situation. Wherever we are be it in Southern Sydney or any other parts of this country, we are able to feel the heat. What we need to focus on instead should be the counter measures that need to be put in place as soon as possible to salvage the situation to our best capability.