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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Anybody going to apologize to the Tea Party?

From the Hill:
Aetna's chairman and CEO said Monday that the country's third-largest health insurer had “serious concerns” about the sustainability of ObamaCare’s marketplaces. 
“We continue to have serious concerns about the sustainability of the public exchanges,” Mark Bertolini said on an earnings call Monday, according to prepared remarks. 
He said the company remained concerned about “the overall stability of the risk pool.”
Many insurers, including Aetna, have been losing money on the ObamaCare marketplaces, also known as exchanges, in part because of a sicker and more costly mix of enrollees, known as the “risk pool.”
The country’s largest health insurer, United HealthCare, made waves in November when it said that its losses on the ObamaCare marketplaces might cause it to drop out of that market altogether in 2017.
Notice the press no longer bothers calling this destruction of the American health indsutry the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010."

The Tea Party was right. It nailed this piece of garbage. Obamacare -- once called "racist" by the press -- was built on a lie that 47 million Americans had no health insurance. The lie was built on a survey by the Census Bureau which asked if, in the past year, the respondent had been without health insurance for any amount of time. That could be for a few days or an entire year.

Capitalism -- regulated by state governments -- worked. More than 90% of Americans had health insurance and those who didn't by and large did not want it.

Now six years later we see socialism -- foisted upon us by the federal government -- is an abject failure.

You owe the Tea Party an apology, America media and the entire Democratic Party.


  1. Yeah, that 47 mil number has disappeared and now they talk about what 6 or 7 mil covered. Snake Oil.

  2. Just another mile marker on the road to serfdom. - Elric

  3. Thank heaven I am covered by a pool with Aetna, not a public exchange. I have been laughing like hell at one of our friends. He recently semi-retired at age 58. He supported the Unaffordable Care act and thought he could game the system by controlling his apparent income and getting a subsidy. It worked for one year then surprise! deductibles went through the roof and the premium went up 28%.

    Welcome to the real world, suckers.

  4. The original claim was that 32 million people lacked health INSURANCE (not health CARE). Somewhere along the line the estimate morphed into 47 million. But after the uninflated number was reduced by the 12 million or so illegals who were supposedly not entitled to government paid care/insurance, and reduced by the even larger number of those who were just temporarily without insurance because they were between jobs, and then further reduced by the number of those who felt they did not need insurance because they were healthy enough (among them, a large share of the college age adults), the actual number of Americans who were chronically without insurance and wanted it but could not afford it was somewhere in the vicinity of 10-15 million. That's a far cry from 47 million. It's about the same number of Americans who remain without insurance or have inadequate insurance even today under Obama/RobertsCare.

  5. "Anybody going to apologize to the Tea Party?"

    Don't hold your breath...

  6. The only cure: abolish medical licensing.

    1. Better to abolish liars err lawyers.

    2. Embrace the power of AND.

  7. It is now known as PDUCA; Policy Destruction and Unaffordable Coverage Act.

  8. Won't be holding my breath waiting for those bloodsucking morons to apologize. After all, the only thing that REALLY matters is that their intentions were "good".

  9. I am neither looking for, nor am I expecting an apology. I will note, however, that this is one more reason to #NeverVoteDemocrat.

  10. But The Narrative, Mr. Surber! The Narrative must be maintained! And no lousy, stinking fact shall be permitted to obtrude upon it!

  11. Here is my list of lies the left used to cram down Obamacare: (Don touches on #15 but there are many more)

    1) lower costs
    2) cut the deficit
    3) crafted in the open on CSPAN
    4) cover everyone
    5) its constitutional
    6) online 5 days prior to signing
    7) like your plan keep it
    8) no tax increase for under 250k/yr
    9) not an abortion bill
    10) illegals wont be covered
    11) not a tax
    12) bi-partisan
    13) create millions of new jobs
    14) allow imported meds
    15) 35 - 40 million uninsured currently
    16) reduce ER crowding

    1. keep your doctor

    2. I lump that in with #7, though it could stand on its own.