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Friday, January 29, 2016

Who won the debate


We can yak all we want about it, but the people want a wall, want to ban Muslims, want Obamacare gone, and want their country to be great again.


  1. The Donald must be a Master Debater as well as a Master Persuader to win the debate by not showing up! Can anyone smell a landslide? - Elric

  2. We all know what Trump has said. To quote Chris Christie, ask Trump "how" he plans to do this. Yet, all you conservative goofs will still vote for this RINO/CINO anyways. Trump isn't the only one promising walls, bans and repeals.
    " ...but the public wants a wall, wants to ban Muslims, wants Obamacare gone, and wants their country to be great again." You have a subject-verb disagreement in this sentence.

    1. The public (singular) wants (singular)
      I appreciate your concern, though, as readers often proof for me. I often screw up.

    2. "The public (singular) wants (singular) their (plural) country ..."

    3. Ah, subject/pronoun. Thanks. I'll fix it. The people want their country.

  3. The public doesn't know what they need. They should leave the hard decisions up to their betters. The GOPe knows what's best for them.