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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The veepstakes have begun

The Republican presidential nomination marathon just took an interesting turn. Candidates have stopped attacking Trump and have begun attacking one another.

From Politico:
New Bush super PAC ad attacks Rubio over 'amnesty'
From CNN:
Rubio hits Cruz on immigration, Snowden
From Media-ite:
Rubio Slams Christie on Guns: ‘Welcome to the 2nd Amendment Supporter Club’
Christie fires back at Rubio following scathing attack ad
From Politico:
Rubio launches new lines of attack against Christie
From the Press Telegraph:
Santorum campaign's 1st ad attacks Cruz
Santorum? Is he still in the race?

What is going in is the veepstakes. Bush, Christie, Rubio, and Santorum now realize that the best pathway for them to the presidency is the vice presidency. About one in five vice presidents becomes president, usually through death. Trump will be 70 on Inauguration Day 2017. By attacking their rivals for the position, they weaken their rival and endear themselves to Trump.

I am not saying Trump has the nomination sewn up. No, no, no. I am saying they think he does.

But perception is nine-tenths of the law in politics.