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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Rocky knocks out Martin O'Malley

Hillary Clinton will appear on the Ohio Democratic presidential primary ballot on March 15. So will Bernie Sanders. But not Martin O'Malley. Not enough Ohioans signed his petition to get on the ballot.

Ohioans preferred Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, who will be on the Ohio primary ballot.

The San Diego Union Tribune described Rocky, 61, as a "longtime real estate tycoon, developer, car dealer and shopping center overseer." He said he is his own campaign manager.

He is a conservative Democrat, whose slogan is “We the people need to take back our democracy.”

The inability of the No. 3 Democrat in the race, O'Malley, a former governor of Maryland, to get on a ballot that a one-man operation in California is on shows all you need to know about the level of competence left in the Democratic Party.

The bar was pretty low: Get 1,000 people in a state of more than 11 million people to sign your petition. O'Malley failed.

From the Associated Press:
Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley failed to qualify for Ohio's primary ballot after falling short of the signatures needed to appear before the state's voters, a spokesman for the state's elections chief said Thursday.
O'Malley needed 1,000 valid signatures to appear on the March 15 primary ballot. The former Maryland governor's campaign submitted 1,175 signatures, but only 772 were deemed valid, said Josh Eck, a spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.
O'Malley's campaign expressed disappointment, though it noted the candidate is on the ballot in 18 other states.
"While this news is disappointing, we are exploring all of our options, and Gov. O'Malley will campaign vigorously in Ohio," spokeswoman Haley Morris said in an emailed statement.
Think about that. Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente is on the Democratic presidential ballot in Ohio. Martin O'Malley is not.

Go Rocky. You already knocked out O'Malley.


  1. Obviously Rocky needs to be in the rest of the debates.

  2. O'Malley could have been knocked out by a feather.

    BTW, how could as many as one-third of the signatures be invalid? To me that seems pretty high. Fraud?

    1. I'd guess bad canvassers getting false names and making up for not enough people.

    2. My guess would be that they tried collecting in heavy traffic areas and were getting a mess of people not on the voter rolls. In New York, petition carries on local Democratic committees get a list of the voters and go door to door. It can be tedious, but you get valid signatures if you don't bollix the petition forms. Interestingly, Carl Paladino got on the ballot in New York with a petition campaign. He's not a political professional and the signature threshhold is 14,000 in New York. O'Malley's camapaign recruited incompetents.