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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Politico: "Fewer than 40 people showed up to greet Jeb"

Bless his heart, he tries.

Jeb Bush brought Lindsey Graham to New Hampshire for a rally at a VFW Hall in Manchester and fewer than 40 people showed up.

Via Politico, Graham said:
"The one thing I can tell you about Jeb Bush: When it comes to those who serve, he will have their backs. When it comes to our enemies, he will be their worst nightmare. When it comes to our friends like Israel, they can go to sleep at night knowing that America is back as an ally. Jeb Bush is the most qualified to be commander in chief on Day One. He will take a broken Washington and make it work again.”
I do not doubt all that is true, but as good as his brother was -- and he was very, very good -- it is time to give another family a chance. You Bushes have had three terms. Most families do not get one. The Kennedys only got half of one (and that was plenty).

A year ago, I groaned that I did not want another Bush or Clinton. Apparently I was not alone. In fact there are more than 40 of us.

Which was more than what Bush drew in Manchester.


  1. Ninguna simpatia por Jeb! - Elric

  2. Can't see the trees for the Bushes. Let's clear them out. Clintons, too.

  3. both of gramnesty's supporters were in the "crowd."


    (in the White House. I'm not an animal after all)