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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oh no, Chris Matthews said "Cuban"

Chris Matthews at MSNBC had a great comment on Der Trump boycotting Der Debate on Der Fox News:
“Who’s going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys? Who’s going to watch a debate between Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz? Who cares? Because you know they’ve been sort of fighting in this little interleague fight over who’s the hawkish guy or whatever. Who’s going to watch that Thursday night? Maybe I’m building it up too much.”
Mark Finkelstein at News Busters is all pissy over Matthews calling them Cubans.

Oh grow up.

However, that said, lefties call conservative Cubans "Cuban" instead of Hispanic is that the Left wants to pretend Cubans are not Hispanic, because according to liberals, only liberals can be Hispanic. In this context, though, he was lookng for a similarity between the N. 2 and No. 3 men in the race.

It is not racist to call a man with Cuban heritage a Cuban. Ditto Irish, Hungarian, Italian, Swiss (Surber is Swiss; get me a bow and arrow and put an apple on your head, and I will show you).*

I am tired of this gotcha by conservatives who apply the left's silly rules to the left. PC conservatism is not for me. Hypersensitivity is for liberals and little girls. Trying to turn liberal rules around on liberals only makes you look as stupid as they are.

And Matthews is right. Who wants to look at the also-rans. I am not pro-Trump or anti-Trump. Right now, I can see him topping 50% in Iowa and running the table. But who said I know anything about it? Trump had nothing to gain in another debate. He wanted out of this debate. Fox News gave him an exit.

I also know MSNBC and CNN are laughing at Fox News right now. Megyn Kelly is not worth fighting for. I believe the decision was Rupert's and not Roger's. Fox News is becoming just another dumb news channel.

*William Tell is a Swiss hero.


  1. I must admit, Megyn Kelly should have asked a much more pertinent question as opposed to an insinuated jab at The Donald. As far as I'm concerned she disqualified herself from further participation. - Elric

    1. DonJohn should have responded with a better answer. He had the win when he mentioned Rosie; he flushed it down the toilet when he was saddened because Megyn was not nice to him. Basically he announced he was a whining wanker.


  2. Matthews called them Cubans in order to implant the idea they're not "true Americans," which feeds into the crackpot idea that Cruz is ineligible to run for president. In truth, Matthews probably wanted to call them both Spics but perhaps thought better of it. What Matthews did is little different than the "birthers" calling Obama a Kenyan and questioning whether Obama had really been born in Hawaii. We all know how the Libs reacted when people did that in 2008 in the face of the relatively unknown Obama's stubborn refusal to release a copy of his Hawaii birth certificate, which quite reasonably aroused a lot of suspicion regarding his eligibility to run for president.

  3. Megyn was chosen by her master to receive a rare gift, the opportunity to publicly insult a major presidential contender before millions. His response, as expected, elevated her status from mere handmaiden to Fearless Queen of the Best Demographic , and that of her master to Emperor of cable ratings, for a day anyway.
    But, Trump could be the barbarian Don thinks him to be and our unusually accurate William Tell is not alone, for Trump has many enemies among the rich and intellectual . The conservative Magister Ludi in their endowed towers would rather HC was in the Oval because they see gridlock as good. They are joined in this wish by the Wall Street Barons who know that major upward moves in the market are much more likely during period of divided government.. For them and the socialist autocrats who oppose him politically, Trump and his unpredictable deal obsession is now the profound enemy, to be defeated at all cost.

  4. Mathews is an irrelevant dickhead. 'Nuff said.