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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Obama's gift to Republicans: millennials?

On the surface, the idea that the majority of millennials are going to vote Republican this year is unintelligent. After all, the headline in the Hill read, "Sanders winning millennial women from Clinton."

From the article:
The Vermont senator, who has been surging in the polls in the last two weeks, won 50 percent compared to Clinton’s 31 percent among millennial women. 
Now one way to look at that is that the unchanging hopelessness Barack Obama's presidency, which has brought to the nation to its knees like a U.S. sailor surrendering to the Iranian Navy, has pushed these under 30s even harder left.

Another way to look at this is that 21st century mores have caught up with the Clintons. People who were taught in school that President Clinton merely got a blowjob from an intern are learning the truth: that he raped one in five women he met, or some similar number.

The third way to look at it is that being associated with the Obama administration turns off the people who should be your most ardent supporters, who in the case of Hillary Clinton are young naive women.

Most likely it is a mixture of the three. However, assuming Sanders is the Democratic nominee, if the answer is the third way, Obama just gave a generation to Republicans. Elections have consequences, but so does incompetence. The failure of Democrats to deliver hope and change carries a penalty.


  1. Of course, GOP has their own incompetents.

    1. Yes and not all of them are named Bush :)

  2. The worst thing Republicans do is act like Democrats...which they do way too often.