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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Muslim: I trolled a Trump rally and wasn't bullied. Waah!

Kaddie Abdul, "an IT data engineer working in Silicon Valley," decided to drive four hours to a Trump rally in Nevada to show how racist "those people" are. She wore her Muslim garb, held her Koran, and waited for someone to attack her. No one did. A few people gave her an odd look, but nary a nibble.

Darn it.

Apparently the Guardian in Britain had paid for her gasoline, so she had to write something, so she wrote: "I went to a Trump rally in my hijab. His supporters aren't just racist caricatures."

Actually, she meant "just aren't racist caricatures."

The article is itself racist, portraying Trump supporters as a bunch of hick white people who want to kill Muslims.

From the article:
 It is important to give people that may not have ever met or interacted with a Muslim an opportunity to meet her and learn about Islam from someone that actually practices it. And it it important, at a time when people like me too often face discrimination and hatred living our daily lives, to be polite, and yet be visible and present when we are the subject of political speeches.
And nothing bad happened to me at the rally: there were some hard stares and dirty looks, but no outright rude behavior. I spoke to several lovely people and had the type of informative and substantive discourse that one should expect at a political event. It was good to see that the bullies and thugs who have been fixtures at several other Trump rallies had taken the day off; maybe they were just too shocked to say anything directly to me.
Yes, they were so racist that they did not do anything racist to her.

She also wrote, "Before this weekend, I’d never staged any sort of civil disobedience act; before this weekend, I had been perfectly content to never attend a Trump rally."

Which shows she also does not understand the concept of civil disobedience, which means defying a law in a political protest and suffering whatever punishment comes. She seems to think trolling a rally makes her Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

Unattacked and disappointed, Abdul wrote:
His supporters are people, not caricatures. They feel marginalized economically, politically, and socially; they see a world different from the one they think should exist. Many non-Trump supporters are also concerned about the current economic and political state of our planet and its implications for a stable future for our children.
I am so glad that she realizes his supporters are people, too. There is a certain lack of self-awareness that allowed her to stereotype and stigmatize an entire group of people based on little knowledge. But she has taken the first step by admitting Trump supporters are human. What next? Will she ever eat a meal with one? Invite them to her home? Allow them to date her daughter?

Probably not, for she ended her column:
Yes, what I did could have been dangerous: the Trump campaign, like many movements, has been dogged by its share of mischief makers. The thugs and bullies who have hurt other dissenters are a small, but very real, part of the ultra-nationalism that vague, implausible rhetoric like Trump’s attracts.
But it was worth the risk to me to show them that their insecurities about Muslims was unfounded. It was worth it to humanize Muslims for them. And it was worth it, to me, to recognize their humanity, too.
But what she did was not dangerous. Going outside without a male escort in Saudi Arabia is dangerous for a woman. The only physical danger in driving to Nevada to troll Trumpkins was the drive itself -- something she will not be able to do when she makes her pilgrimage to Mecca.

Trump supporters did not gang rape her because she was Muslim. They did not beat her because she was Muslim. They did not to a damned thing to her -- and she should have known they would not. There are no thugs or bullies at these rallies. They are a fiction, just like the fiction that the Tea Party was racist.

But what is a fact is that in Europe, Muslim hordes are raping European women because of their race and religion.

This is America, the largest Christian country in the world. We accept all religions. It is the Muslim countries -- Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. -- that are the bigots with thugs and bullies who rape, who beat, who behead. They are the racist, ultra-national, religious bigots.

As we learned on New Year's Eve, those nations are exporting their armies into Europe to rape, kill and spread fear.

Trump wants to stop that.

That is why she and Rose Hamid and others are trolling Trump's rallies. They want to undermine Western resistance. And when they don't get the reaction they desire -- when the facts show them wrong -- they cling bitterly to their stereotypes, nevertheless.


  1. Auto-cowreck ruined my comment. I meant to write;

    Hate is a Progressive/Democrat thing. The left revels in hatred.

  2. When she referred to thugs attending political events did she have the SEIU Purple Shirts in mind?

  3. Maybe the Trump campaign got tired of seeing numerous videos posted online of its supporters harassing and physically attacking trolls and got the rally-goers to finally show restraint ... that is until Trump starts shouting again at a troll, "Throw him out!" over and over followed by "don't let him take his coat." Remember way back when Rs thought Chris Christie wasn't a good presidential candidate cause he was thin-skinned and too reactionary? If any D or any other R acted like Trump, Surber's head would explode in outrage. I can't believe how you all think Trump's behavior - let alone hateful words - are presidential.

    1. Trump's words are no more hateful than those that regularly come out of B. Hussein Obama's mouth. Perhaps your POV is too damaged with social justice nonsense to actually pay attention to what happens in real life as opposed to the fevered imagination of the national press?

      Just a thought...

    2. Talk about a delusional post. When has Obama - or any president in history for that matter - ever regularly cussed during a public speech? When have you ever heard a president scream "throw him out?" repeatedly at a speech? Or make fun of a disabled person; a woman's looks; call an entire ethnic group rapists and thugs?
      Hey, if Trump is your guy for president, so be it. But no presidential candidate in history - R or D - has ever acted like such a buffoon and been applauded for it by so many. If a D acted like Trump - you flaming right-wing neocons like Surber would self-combust into flames.

    3. Among the Republican candidates, Trump is not my first choice or even my second, and I agree he is coarse, as a lot of rough and tumble New Yorkers tend to be, which makes me uneasy. However, I remember how, on the other side, Democrats in years past (their vocal supporters and delegated attack surrogates, not the candidates themselves) called for the actual murder of a president, namely, George Bush. That's not what I think of as "polite" politics.

      These days as I look across the aisle at the current pair of Democrat candidates, what do I see? On the one hand, an absolutely clueless Socialist and, on the other, an unrepentant crook and congenital liar of no accomplishment whose major achievement in life was to leave people under her official charge to die while they were carrying out their duty to country. Whose main campaign theme seems to be, Vote for me because I have a vagina. If I have to, I'll take the buffoon over the crazy old guy and the lying liar crook who should be in jail.

    4. Iae ... we can agree on one thing. The current pair of Democrat candidates are worthless. Where we disagree is that the Rs - all except maybe Christie - are equally worthless. People think I'm anti-R. Not so, I'm anti-Wall Street which equally controls both parties. As I have posted many times here ... the next president - R or D; male or female - will be the worse US president ever. History will not be kind to what occurs the next four years. And maybe beyond.

  4. "But she has taken the first step by admitting Trump supporters are human. What next? Will she ever eat a meal with one? Invite them to her home? Allow them to date her daughter?"

    And the question for her, as with every other Muslim, is: How do you feel about Jews? When it comes to Jews and Israel, I'd like to see how tolerant she really is. When it comes to tolerance of other religions, let's see if she can humanize the "others," because if she can---and if her co-religionists can--- then I say mazeltov!

    1. Iapetus - would you ever let your son or daughter date a Muslim. Yes or no?

    2. If I had a son or daughter who wanted to date a Muslim, as you put the question, I would advise my child to think carefully what kind of person he or she wanted to date. Is that person tolerant, kind, honest, loving, faithful, loyal, trustworthy, hard working, decent? The label is not as important as the character of the person.

    3. Yet, the Trump minions of this country want all members of certain ethnicities and religions banned from this country because to them: the label is more important than the character of the person.

    4. Nonsense. They want a moratorium and rational controls after that in order to maintain the ability to assimilate those we do take in. You are applying the xenophobe label to people who simply have no desire to see their country overrun. Go to Europe. You'll be more at home there.

    5. Right now it takes an estimated 20-24 months for a foreigner to be vetted and legally accepted into this country. I agree: no mass wave of refugees but Trump just makes blanket statements that say all individuals of certain nations and religions not be allowed in.

      Interesting how two opponents of his call to ban all Muslims are the Navy Seal Team 6 leader who led the Bin Laden campaign and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Yep, those guys are left-wing nutjob libs who will no doubt join me in Europe.

      Sure, I'll go to Europe and there I will find your relatives and mine who have been overrunning this country since the late 1800s. Mine are from western Europe. Yours?

    6. I suspect Iapetus's son/daughter would have a harder time getting his/her love's father to allow his own son/daughter to date an infidel. You see, Muslims are FAR more bigoted about that sort of thing than we are.

      And yes, that is a vast stereotype. But it's true. And that's OK to the self-loathing left in this country because, well, uh...

    7. 20-24 months vetting.

      Bald-faced lie.

    8. Well, Iapetus, the first thing you would need to do is point them at Jihad Watch, where they could get an honest definition of taqqiya, and perhaps realize that no commitment to a non Muslim is ultimately binding on the faithful Muslim.

  5. She was an operative sent by The Man (or, more accurately, a resolute supporter of The Man), yet she thinks SHE'S the one engaging in civil disobedience. Fantastic.

  6. If she got any diry looks I suspect it was because a Muslim lady tried some strange standing protest at a Trump rally just a few days ago in order to get kicked out and get attention. Folks probably thought she was up to more of the same.

  7. @Anonymus: " the Trump minions of this country want all members of certain ethnicities and religions banned from this country "

    No, what many people want is a pause in the unfettered immigration that our lawless president is promoting when he refuses to ensure the laws of the country are faithfully followed. The current backlash against Muslims is selective, that's true, but that's because Islamic jihadists are behind nearly all recent cases of terrorism around the globe. Yet, at the direction of our president, the government is allowing people to enter the country without the proper background checks. Why shouldn't people object to that? There is simply no getting around the fact that a large majority of so-called "refugees" from the Middle East has been able-bodied young men, many from areas of the region that are not even involved in the current fighting. These are economic refugees, not women and children who are trying to escape the hostilities. It's been a long time since the US allowed uncontrolled economic immigration of that sort.

    One should also recognize that the backlash against immigration applies equally to the illegal flood of immigrants from Central and South America. You could even say this causes a spillover effect when it comes to admitting refugees (or rape-ugees) from the Middle East. Most of the new jobs that have been created as the economy has improved since 2009 have gone to immigrants from Central and South America who've entered the country illegally. How does this help unemployed Americans, especially low skilled African-Americans? A lot of Americans think the country would be better served if the government tried to achieve full-employment of its own citizens before throwing the doors wide open to people who want to come here for economic reasons from other countries. The number of working-age Americans who are unemployed or seriously under-employed is at a historic high. That's something that cannot be ignored.

  8. I guess they didn't have some muscle over here.

  9. If she wanted to see a racist all she had to do was look in the mirror

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