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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Larry the Cable Guy: Media cannot Git R Done on rednecks

Larry the Cable Guy (Daniel Whitney) has a message for the media: Lose the redneck stereotypes.

On "The Gavin McInnes Show” radio show, Whitney said:
“They’ve drawn up this picture of how they want us to be, and when we’re not how they want us to be, they go insane. They cannot handle it.
“When you watch all these shootings that happen, they’ll even come out and say, ‘Well, it was a white guy that was seen leaving the area with a —’ and when it’s not, you’re right, they are so flabbergasted, and it’s because what they think we are, we aren’t, and it frustrates them to no end, and that’s why they get irritated. That’s why they hate us. They hate what we stand for, they hate our values, they hate us so bad. They want it to be true, and it’s not true.”


  1. Heh! I love Larry, even his somewhat off color routines. Anybody that has bothered to look knows he is well educated and anything BUT a stereotypical redneck.

    1. Most of us rednecks are not stereotypical rednecks. We are educated and hard working. Those of us who drink rarely drink to excess. We love our country, understand the Constitution, believe in GOD, and want a better nation to pass to our children and grand children.
      We have persevered in hard times, built what was torn down, helped our neighbors, helped strangers, and asked neither recognition or pay.
      If America has a spine, we are the vertebra that form it. We are her conscience and her soul.
      While the elite plot ways to destroy her, we toil to rebuilt that fabric, and if no man will say it, we only pray that when we meet him, GOD will say, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."

  2. Lefties already know everything they want to know. Showing them to be wrong, well, that's a MEGA-aggression.

  3. Blue collar white males are the Bitter Clingers. They cannot accept that the Arc of History is past their resting spot. To all of the graduates of Ivy League journalism schools, those people are un-people, NOSD - Not Our Sort, Dear.

    -Mikey NTH

  4. Ever notice how many movie villains have southern accents? Gary Oldman has made a career of playing villains with southern accents. If the movie makers did this with blacks they would be called out as racists, but in America today southern white males are the personification of evil to the Liberals.

  5. I am a patriot, but I'm also proud to be a redneck and a rebel. And like Tom Petty sings, I really was born in Dixie on a Sunday morning. - Elric