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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Krauthammer was wrong on "xenophobia"

On November 27, 2015, Charles Krauthammer wrote:
The Syrian refugee debate has become a national embarrassment. It begins with a president, desperate to deflect attention from the collapse of his foreign policy, retreating to his one safe zone — ad hominem attacks on critics, this time for lack of compassion toward Syrian widows and orphans.
This, without a glimmer of acknowledgment of his own responsibility for these unfortunate souls becoming widowed and orphaned, displaced and homeless, in the first place. A quarter-million deaths ago, when Bashar al-Assad began making war on his own people, he unleashed his air force and helicopters. They dropped high explosives, nail-filled barrel bombs and even chemical weapons on helpless civilians. President Obama lifted not a finger.
Fine, attack the hapless president to re-establish the conservative credentials -- then hone in on the real target. He ended the column:
This descent into xenophobia was led, as usual, by Donald Trump. Amid bushels of word salad, he concurred with registering American Muslims, raised alarms about Arab-American treachery (“thousands and thousands” on TV cheering the World Trade Center collapse) and promised not only to deny entry to Syrian refugees, but to send back the ones already here.
Can you see it? Packing them onto his 757, the one with gold-plated seat belts, then dumping them – orphans, widows, the lot – into a war zone to await the next regime barrel bomb.
Other GOP candidates have issued Trumpian echoes. The Muslim registry had no takers. But some have advocated shutting out all the refugees or taking Christians only. They are chasing the polls showing strong anti-refugee sentiment.
How deeply shortsighted. It may work in the GOP primaries, but Trump-like anti-immigrant, anti-foreigner, now anti-Muslim, anti-Arab rhetoric – and don’t forget those cunning Chinese stealing our jobs and ruthless Mexicans raping our women – will not play well in a general election.
Politically, it will be fatal. John Kasich has forcefully denounced this slide into the swamp. Where are the others?
On New Year's Eve, in a coordinated attack, in a dozen German cities,  thousands of Muslim terrorists raped young German women, targeted specifically because they were German. The attacks were meant to strike fear.

They worked. The German government is ramping up its attack on those who oppose importing these rapists.

Instead of addressing this issue, Krauthammer wrote about Iran being jackasses: "Defy America, pay no price."

Rape German women, pay no price either.

Xenophobia is an irrational fear. The only irrationality in Germany is not having fear.