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Friday, January 22, 2016

Krauthammer stumbles upon the truth

As the snow piles up in D.C. thanks to the "Curse of Robert F. Kennedy Junior," let us review what Charles Krauthammer said about Bob Doles endorsement of Mister Trump:
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think we're getting to a moment where there's a scenario that one can see. Which is, you get Bob Dole, who represents the old establishment, if you like, essentially choosing Trump over Cruz. Now, if Cruz loses Iowa, Trump wins convincingly, I think all he will need at that point is to have a single current establishment figure. Meaning a sitting governor or a sitting Senator endorse him. 
Nobody has, everybody stayed away from him. But if there are people who think he's the winning ticket, he's going to win the nomination, I want to be on the right side of this. And you get one standing out there endorsing him. Sarah Palin doesn't -- meet that bill. Bob Dole does, but you know, he's yesterday's man. 
If you get somebody today from the so-called establishment who endorses him, I think it becomes a flood. At that point the dam breaks and you will get a rush of other establishment figures who will rally around him. And that could be the point at which he becomes inevitable as the nominee. 
BRET BAIER: Why is it that no Senator has stepped up to endorse Ted Cruz? Not even his ally, Jeff Sessions as of yet on immigration?
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well I think the short answer is because everybody who knows him in the Senate hates him and I think hate is not, is not an exaggeration. The enmity which he wears on his sleeve as, with pride, is something that he's now, you could almost say cultivated to make him a freshman senator with no particular record into a national figure rallying everybody against the Washington cartel. You know, Republicans in the Senate, in the House have been out there half of their lives, don't appreciate being called essentially traitors to the cause of conservatism and then you get antipathy and they will put that antipathy even over what's best for the party.
Therein lies the problem: "...Republicans in the Senate, in the House have been out there half of their lives..."

The people are revolting.

That has been because Washington has thought the people are a revolting lot for a long, long, long time.


  1. I am a Cruz supporter, I like Ben Carson and if he were a little more polished on foreign policy and was not so timid I think he would not be a bad choice, I like Rand Paul, I just can't figure out why he has not gained traction. All of that being said, I think if Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Ben Carson had come out swinging and saying things that the normal everyday Washington Insider crowd doesn't say, they would be commanding a huge lead right now. I don't dislike Mr. Trump at all, I actually think win or lose he has changed the way the Republicans should think about how to get people to gain support. Tell it like it is instead of Policy wonk and promises that people do not believe. Donald Trump tells the American people that the issue with illegal immigration is broken. He tells us that we may not want to be at war with Islam, but they are at war with us or anyone that does not agree with them. Maybe I am wrong but it reminds me a little of how Ronald Reagan had a real genuine connection with the people of the United States. He did not allow others to define him, he ignored the Washington Insiders and the media and went straight to the people to give us his message. Ronald Reagan did not apologize for loving the United States and Donald Trump does not apologize or whimper in a corner worrying about what some guy like George Will or Glenn Beck thinks about him and it drives them nuts.
    I have lost respect for Glenn Beck because he is as bad as the liberal drive by media pundits in his complete disregard for the connection with Donald Trump and a large segment of the American people that is tired of being told to sit down and shut up.
    If Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and even Bernie Sanders has the Elitists in the Republican and Democrat Parties, they are doing something right.
    Before I see Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton in office, I would vote for Bernie Sanders because I don't agree with him, but I respect the fact that he tells you who he is and what he believes instead of pandering.

  2. “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”
    ― Mark Twain

  3. It looks like the GOPe thinks they can work with The Donald, but not Cruz. Elevates Cruz in my eyes.

  4. While the GOPe and the Krauthammer types in the media have for months on end been wringing their hands and buying the Democrat line that Hillary's coronation and election victory is all but inevitable, The Donald---almost alone and therefore to his credit---seems to have realized early on that Hillary was actually a weak candidate. The GOPe is now coming to the same realization, and that with the strong horse named Donald they could ride to victory come November 2016. As much as they loathe the idea, self-preservation tells them it's better to jump on board now than be left at the starting line.

  5. I voted for Mitch for years. His best day was when he challenged McCain-Feingold and won.

    But, that's about it. In 25 years or so I've grown to realize that he's a spineless weasel-f**k and I want Ted Cruz to be president simply for the hope that Ted will stuff true conservative principles down Mitch'a throat.

    And I've written Mitch that very sentiment. He hasn't replied, yet.

  6. The odds of someone being in Washington, DC, "half their lives" and not being in the tank for big government are almost zero.