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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

If the Confederate flag has meaning, why doesn't the U.S. flag?

On Martin Luther King Day, Governor Nikki Haley formally removed the Confederate flag from the capitol grounds of South Carolina. Haley said: "It's a great day in South Carolina."

Hillary Clinton said: "How wonderful it is to be here together without the Confederate flag overhead. That flag always belonged in a museum, not at the statehouse."

They said they wanted to rid us of this symbol of racism. I grew up in Cleveland and live in West Virginia. I don't really care.

But that raises the question that if the Confederate flag is not a mere piece of cloth, then why is our flag belittled as a mere piece of cloth? Why is the American flag derided by our enlightened betters as unimportant? Isn't it a symbol of freedom? Isn't it a symbol of liberty? Isn't it a symbol of the greatest nation on Earth?

We should protect it, and yet the liberal judiciary has banned protecting the flag. And the Democratic Party chose the least patriotic candidate in 2008 as its presidential candidate, the one who refused to show respect to the flag and salute it. And he was elected president!

In taking down the Confederate flag, Americans are saying flags are important. By not revering our own flag, we are saying America is not important.

I object.

By the way, far more Marine flags in my neighborhood than Confederate ones.


  1. The Lefties want to destroy the American flag, too. Why else consider burning it "speech".

    PS They'll do the same to the Marine (and Army and Navy and Air force and Coast Guard) flag, too if they're allowed.

    1. Destroy the Marine flag? That would be like the PETA pukes in Sioux falls a few years back who picketed a Furriers on black Friday. They got counter protested by a biker group who dared them to throw blood on their leathers. "It comes from animals, I'd like to have some blood on it. Go ahead, make my day"
      Now, maybe the bikes would have done the fold spindle and mutilate routine on those id10ts, but certainly a group as patriotic as the Marines would deal death by defecation to a group so idiotic as to demean the Corps.

    2. No doubt men of the Big Red One and Old Ironsides feel the same way, but we're talking court-ordered destruction.

      Last I heard, the Corps was recruiting homosexuals, according to Court decree.

  2. Woah! That's eye-opening, edutcher. I have the same vision of the extermination of these flags as you do.

    Don, I've been saying the same thing, regarding revising history, about our WW II veterans. Once they are mostly gone or enfeebled, new "insights" will come out about the "meh" in World War II. Libs will question everything about our actions, participation and victory. They will do it because it is a moral story.

    We've come a long ways from Civil War soldiers risking death just simply for the battle flag of their regiment. nThey were stalwarts, and I object like you to removing their symbols.

    Back on Old Glory. If I see her raised or passed in review, I stand. Even if it's only on a movie (John Wayne movies love the flag). My kids get a kick out of it. I can't stand not to honor the colors. When I visited the USS Constitution, on a hot day last summer, I wore a dress jacket.

    It's important to act civilly around our national symbols. You are correct to remember the apostacy shown by Obama to our symbols.

  3. After I wrote my comment, this turns up at Brietbart: Wonder Woman film moves her to WW I origin, because her original WW II derivation is too "moral."

  4. The only flag the Lefties like is the USSR's Red flag. China, NVN, NK, Cambodia under Pol Pot, those are OK, but not like the Hammer&Sickle.

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