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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Daffy Lameduck

In the seventh year of his presidency, I have finally figured out who Barack Obama is -- Daffy Duck.

Proud, loud, vain, arrogant, highly intelligent and about as sharp as linoleum.

He lost the 2014 election big time and no longer has the Senate as leverage when dealing with Congress. So he has taken to making big threats about using executive power to get around Congress. This gets him the news coverage he craves, but little else.

For example, there was this report from International Business Times:
The Obama administration is helping some high-skilled, foreign workers remain in the country without being tied to their employers. The Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday new rules that would allow certain visa holders  to switch jobs more easily while waiting for a green card, The Hill reported.
Oh, no, Raj at Microsoft will be able to leave and work for Apple.

Then there was the report from the Associated Press:
President Barack Obama moved Monday to expand background checks to cover more firearms sold at gun shows, online and anywhere else, aiming to curb a scourge of gun violence despite unyielding opposition to new laws in Congress.
This boils down to requiring gun dealers to register with the federal government -- which has been federal law since 1968. Regardless of where a federally licensed dealer sells a gun -- including gun shows -- they have to do a background check. This will make a few people file more paperwork, but it will disarm no criminals.

What will he do next? Require businesses to pay women the same as men -- which has only been a federal law for 53 years?

He quacks loudly, but does nothing. Just think, he will be gone next year.

Conservatives are not taking the bait from His Daffiness on Twitter.


  1. "Oh, no, Raj at Microsoft will be able to leave and work for Apple."

    Microsoft might think twice about hiring Raj and going to the trouble of getting him a green card if they thought he could soon walk out the door and go to work for someone else. As I understand the process, and I admit I could be wrong, a foreign hire is sort of "indentured" to the company who applies to get him his work papers.

    1. My understanding is this liberates Raj

    2. Yes, that's the point I was making: under the new rules (but not the old regs), a company that brings him here and helps him get work papers could see him move to a different company that spent no time or effort to recruit him from abroad.

  2. Here in CO we already most of the new requirements. Still grey areas, like can I give/sell my wife or brother a gun without a background check?