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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Boston Globe sets its minimum wage at $0.00 an hour

To CNN, it is the feel-good story of the New Year. Boston Globe reporters and editors delivered newspapers on Sunday.
If you're a subscriber to the Boston Globe, the person who delivered your Sunday paper might have been the same person who wrote part of it.
Fed up after nearly a week of widespread delivery problems, dozens of reporters and editors at the Globe worked until dawn Sunday morning to deliver thousands of copies of the paper.
The Globe said it was a "small gesture to show our Globe customers that we are working hard" to address the problems.
Managing editors, political columnists, sports reporters, and web producers all showed up at the printing press around midnight.
Steve Wilmsen, an editor, tweeted that "pretty much the whole Boston Globe newsroom" was present: "Paper routes for a night."
Crime reporter Evan Allen posted a picture of metro reporter Milton Valencia pointing at his front page story.
"Now he is going to deliver it," Allen said.
Glossed over in the story is why the Boston Globe had to press its social justice warriors in the newsroom had to deliver the newspaper: Management screwed up. It switched delivery companies last week. The delivery company has 600 "contractors" -- people who are paid less than minimum wage to deliver papers. Management said this was done to improve service.

Service so improved that customers complained they were not getting their newspapers, and cancellations piled up. On Saturday, newsroom staffers volunteered to do the job. Apparently, they worked for nothing, which is even less than "contractors" received.

Well, did the social justice warriors in the newsroom have to volunteer?

This fall, management ended the employment of 17 people in the newsroom.

So you volunteer your time for free for this photo op, or else.

But I wonder if that newsboy-for-a-day story is good PR. We shall see.

Delivering newspapers is an actual job. People lost theirs, or had their wages reduced when management switched carriers. Going cheap made a mess of things. But costs at the Boston Globe are too high and must be slashed somewhere. Management has to do what it can to keep the enterprise afloat. Let us not be too harsh; this is how capitalism works.

But let us not remove the blinders. If this were the Boston Herald, the social justice warriors would be all over management for screwing up delivery -- and rightly so.


  1. It will only hurt for a second.

    Now, you are in the present, not the past

    Robert Redford as Death?
    Didn't see that one!
    Is life the Twilight Zone?

  2. You get what you pay for?!

  3. The hypocritical behavior is not new. From 2007:

  4. Signs that the Boston Globe is circling the drain.

  5. The Wall Street Journal outsources delivery to the Globe for Boston area subscribers.

    Not one paper delivered in past week.

  6. Doing jobs Americans don't want to do.