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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Air Force to allow concealed weapons

People who have never lived on a military base usually are surprised to learn that soldiers and members of the other services don't go around with a gun under each arm. Stateside posts are gunfree zones. Terrorists know this. That has led to attacks on Fort Dix, New Jersey, and Fort Hood, Texas.

The Air Force now is saying to hell with that. If you got 'em, pack 'em.

From Nick Coffman:
In a report given by an Air Force security forces officer, base commanders across the country will be able to authorize the carry of guns by on- or off-duty airmen. The 2015 attack on a Chattanooga, Tennessee recruiting office is a large part of what prompted the change in policy. Some critics had pointed out that armed servicemen could have stopped the threat before any innocent civilians were killed. Instead, the shooter’s rampage lasted until police were able to respond and kill the attacker, Muhammad Youseef Abdulazeez.
New details have emerged from an investigation that show one of the murdered men (a Marine) had a personal 9mm pistol on him when the attack occurred. Another, the commanding officer of a nearby reserve center, actually fired at the attacker but apparently missed.
There will be plenty of detractors who say that allowing servicemen and women to carry weapons will not solve the problem. And they are right on one side. It will not be a guarantee that an active shooter will not take civilian lives. What it will do is give those being attacked a chance to defend themselves until more help arrives.
The Air Force did not make a snap decision on this. They thought it through and weighed the consequences, and time will tell how things turn out. 
Good call. Concealed carry should be at the discretion of the base commander, though. Local control works best. If a general cannot make such a decision, maybe he (or she) shouldn't be a general.


  1. "will be able"

    Quite a difference from "will able"

    To quote Yoda, "Do or not do"

    By the end of 2016 there will not be one more airman carrying than there is right now.

  2. It's about time. ALL service personnel should be qualified with their individual weapon(s) and ORDERED to carry them while on post. - Elric

  3. allowing servicemen and women to carry weapons will not solve the will not be a guarantee

    It's not a guarantee. It's a question of prior deterrence. Some people are stuck on stupid.

  4. All the AF missile crew members in launch control centers are packing, and the missiles are concealed in their silos.

  5. Leaving it to the discretion of the base commanders means vastly different policies between bases, and when a new commander takes over possibly a new policy. Why doesn't the Pentagon man up and allow our war fighters to be treated like warriors?