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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

West Virginia is the state Obama most hates

In 2012, West Virginia Democrats were so angry with their president that 41% of them voted for Keith Russell Judd over Obama in the state primary. Judd is a federal prison inmate. That November, those Democrats (who outnumber Republicans about 2-to-1) went for Romney, who became the first Republican to carry every county in the state.

This morning, Paul H. Tice explained why in a commentary in the Wall Street Journal, "Obama’s Appalachian Tragedy. The president’s anti-coal policies have devastated West Virginia. Since 2009, 332 mines have closed." Tice is a senior managing director and head of the Energy Capital Group at USCA Asset Management LLC.
Wrote Tice:
Environmentalists claim that coal is being killed by market forces, including a slump in global commodity prices and increased competition from cheap natural gas. Such arguments ignore the historical fact that spot prices for Henry Hub natural gas have stayed within a range of $2-$4 for the past six years, and that they were even lower in the two decades before 2001. Spot prices for Central Appalachian thermal coal now average $40-$45 a short ton, compared with an average of $30 between 1984 and 2004. The West Virginia Coal Association estimates that the state still is sitting on approximately 51 billion short tons of recoverable coal.
Corporate failures in a cyclical commodity industry are rarely noteworthy. But things are different this time. Even after rounds of cost-cutting and consolidation, coal-mining companies — including large and experienced players — continue to go bankrupt. Some are exiting chapter 11 protection only to return after several months. Others are being liquidated for the scrap value of their mining equipment. Buyers who would normally aim to turn around troubled companies are not stepping in to bid at any price.
The West Virginia coal industry is no longer dealing with cyclical pressures or the invisible hand of the market; rather, it is facing an existential regulatory threat. In its 2009 “endangerment” finding, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that greenhouse gases pose a public-health threat. Since then the EPA has put limits on carbon-dioxide emissions from new and existing power plants. Add that to tightened restrictions on mercury and other air pollutants, plus the coercive Renewable Portfolio Standard mandates at the state level.
The devastation goes well beyond coal mining. The War on Coal affects the aluminum industry, which requires cheap electricity. The state now leads the nation in unemployment, and has the nation's lowest labor participation rate in the nation. Under Obama, West Virginia has more adults 16 and over not working than it has working. It is the only state in the nation where non-working adults outnumber the workers.

Obama hates West Virginia. Just why, I do not know. Perhaps it is racial. He attended that church of hate run by Jeremiah Wright, his mentor to whom he dedicated his second autobiography, "The Audacity Of Hope."

By the way, 51 billion tons of coal gives the state a supply of 340 years to 510 years of coal, based on mining 100 million to 150 million tons a year. The "post coal economy" is something for people in the 24th century to figure out.


  1. The "dirty little secret" about fossil fuels that so-called environmentalists don't want you to know is that pound-for-pound and gallon-for-gallon fossil fuels contain more energy potential than any other energy source except nuclear (which is not commercially available).

    The question is not: "When will fossil fuels become outmoded?" The question is: "When will the environmentalists cease to control national policy?"

    It will not happen with a Jeb Bush, a Mitch McConnell or a Joe Manchin. It could happen with a Donald Trump, a Ted Cruz or perhaps a Carly Fiorina.

  2. After the Obama presidency is in the nations rear view mirror I believe historians will rate President Obama as the nations first psychopathic president. As is said in cop shops, he fits the profile. More troubling to me is the quality of the Republic's voter. Truly a dilemma.
    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly."
    - Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC

    1. Our (former) European allies have openly, publicly questioned 0bama mental state. They have never said that about any other president, even when they disagreed with Bush, they didn't suggest he was crazy. Overly aggressive maybe, but not psychotic.

  3. Obama does not hate West Virginia. In fact, he doesn't ever think about it. Obama does not care about the bodies left behind, only that he gets his way.

  4. I hope they remember that their union and its former president (Trumka) sold them out to Obama in 2008. They just aren't as valuable cash cows as service workers and public sector employees so tootaloo , guys.

  5. The Won hates anything that makes money and doesn't give a lot of it to him.

  6. Obungler hates the entire country, not just West Virginia.

  7. Replies
    1. Come on, Anne. West Virginia is always No. 1. (Almost heaven...)

  8. Too many Bible and gun clingers in W. Va., I suppose.

    Arrogant s.o.b. probably just doesn't care about W. Va. one way or the other. In his arrogance he believes he is sent by Gaia to battle climate change as a knight of the Church of AGW.

    Besides, if Obama let the market decide what kind of energy we use, he couldn't send federal money to his cronies with loans, grants, and tax credits.

  9. You can blame Obama all you want. The real problem is the sovereign of this nation, We the People. Long before Obama We have been hiring legislators and execs to trample on our own Foundational Law. He is only the latest example of it. Don't complain about the EPA until you recognize and admit that it is only one example of many grossly unConstitutional Fed bureaucrazies. The problem isn't how the EPA has done this or that under Obama; the problem is that it exists as a Fed agency. Congress was never empowered under the Constitution to enact such a thing, nor SocSec/Medicare/OSHA/ATF/FDA/DEA and a host of others. These monstrosities throw not sand but boulders into the engine of the economy, and benefit no one but the megacorps and the bureaucrats. If we would return to the Constitution, businesses of all sizes, from MomnPop to conglomerate, would boom, wealth would rise at all levels, the poor would benefit from employment and entrepreneurial opportunities they long have been unjustly denied.
    But We the People won't do that. I don't blame Obama; I blame those who elected him, legions of legislators and execs like him, and legions of legislators and execs who won't stand against him.

  10. West Virginia is a great place! Long like the Duke! Don't let Miss Daisy push you around!

  11. I placed in service the clean coal power plant in Morgantown, WV that burned 30% waste coal to clean up the ugly piles of slag that dot the countryside and pollute the creeks with acid run-off. Obama knows little about the real world

    1. Nice try, but what does that have to do with carbon dioxide? That is what Obama is going after. Yes, coal has problems but every president from Nixon to the second Bush went after the pollution. Obama is going after an imaginary problem.

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  13. What a douchebag. Obama doesn't hate West Virginia, you hate him. It's probably just racial. Everything you write is lies and you are either an ignorant asshole or just a bald faced liar. What a bunch of bullshit, and unfortunately a lot of idiots agree with you.

  14. lais·sez-faire, when one door closes, well, maybe they said some racist things, but we don't have to choke out their economy right? Wrong! GO HOME HONKEY! YES WE HATE YOU! YOU DON'T BELONG HERE! DON'T YOU HAVE A PIRATE SHIP OR SOMEOTHER TO LIVE ON?! NO?! SWIM SWIM YOUR OWN ASS BACK TO WHERE EVER THE SUN DON'T SHINE! NO MELANIN GHOST CANCER BAT SHIT LOOKING RED NECKS!