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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Twitter sets Tim Carney straight about the Trump Rebellion


  1. sad state of affairs there.
    We got Trump (Hillary with a better Border policy that likely will never be enacted) or a pack of loons who claim conservatism yet pass reams of crap.
    Increasingly all I find these days are idiots and morons. And willful blindness.
    It's almost enough to make one lose hope for the future.
    The only good thing is it can not work, but I do hope it doesn't do to much damage before it collapses around our ears.
    We need folks to fix this, and Trump is about on par with Jeb or Hillary in the likelihood of making it worse.
    Watching some of Trumps supporters makes me think of 0bama supporters in '08. A few like Ronulans.

    1. FYI, Trump supported the TEA party folks. He has more conservative values than all of our Senate republicans put together.

    2. He loves eminent domain (especially when the property is then turned over to him) and he hates 0bamacare because he thinks it should be replaced with Canadian style Single Payer. He seems smart enough to think Gun Control won't work, but admits he wishes to ban all handguns. His closest friends in the political arena and recipient of a lot of money from him are the Clintons, who he met shortly before announcing his run. In short, he is less conservative than Christie, and is a man know to say what people want to hear to get what he wants. Do not fool yourself that he is in any way a conservative. So he rants about the border. big deal. especially with your aforementioned idiots in the Stupid Party he is likely to not get anything done on that front. and if the Senate folds and gives him Candian-Care? What then?

  2. If Trump is ever elected President, his worst enemies in Congress will be the Republican (!) leadership, who will fight him tooth and nail. Unlike the Dems who have supported Obama without fail, time and time again, the Ryans and the McConnells in the Stupid Party would never support a Trump administration. Trump would find himself surrounded and blocked and defeated politically, like Custer going down alone after his own soldiers had joined the Indians.