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Monday, December 07, 2015

Today's liberal attack on Trump: He stays at luxury hotels

Billionaire hotelier Donald Trump is the candidate who is spending the most nights in luxury hotels, according to calculations by the communist National Journal magazine. In second place is grifter liberal Hillary Clinton who uses her tax dodge -- the Clinton Foundation -- to get around the ban on foreign governments funding political campaigns in the United States. Saudi money helps pay for her accommodations and she no more skimps on their money than she skimped on taxpayer money.

From the article:
Team Clin­ton has logged nine stays with Ritz-Carlton, while Rick Perry and Hucka­bee each re­por­ted one vis­it (and zero for the rest). Not sur­pris­ingly, Don­ald Trump is the only can­did­ate to lodge at a Trump hotel. Mean­while, Bernie Sanders’s cam­paign is the only one to book a Motel 6.
Given the choice between a Ritz-Carlton and a Motel 6, I am going to a Ritz-Carlton.


  1. Captain Renault will be "shocked, shocked" when he discovers that a billionaire is staying in a luxury hotel.

  2. Seems to me I now have ANOTHER reason for avoiding the National Journal.

  3. And where does Obama stay when he travels around the world? Does he bunk at the local Best Western? At least The Donald isn't forcing taxpayers to pony up for fancy hotel accommodations, the way Obama does. Trump can afford to pay for luxury hotel rooms; Obama thinks he's entitled to it.

  4. "Spending the most", and "spending the most night" are not equal quantities.

    I'll bet Trump stays at properties owns, so one of those quantities can be quite large while, the other, meaningful on, stays at zero.

    Furthermore, the last I heard, he was spending his own money so what f-ing difference does it make.

    Scrapping the bot of the sh*tcan, aren't you?

  5. Scraping the bottom of the sh*tcan, aren't you?