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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Psst, Jeb, Reagan wore foreign policy PJs, too

CNN covered Jeb in Hialeah, Florida, on Monday. The story was amusing:
Perhaps emboldened by the colorful, hometown atmosphere, a feisty Jeb Bush walked into a room full of supporters Monday, greeted by much more excitement than he's used to on the campaign trail, where he's struggling to break past the low single digits in the polls.
A diverse crowd was chanting his name as the smell of croquetas, a Cuban breakfast staple, filled the room and supporters sipped on café con leche.
The Republican presidential candidate held his first post-Christmas campaign event at a Cuban comfort food restaurant here called Chico's, where an amped-up crowd packed into the brick walls to cheer on their former governor.
Speaking in Spanish and English, Bush gave a brief speech of only 10 minutes — much of which was devoted to attacking his rivals in the presidential race.
Jeb was governor of Florida for eight years. He is running third in the polls in that state, which has a winner-take-all primary. His Hispandering is silly. He should run for president of Mexico.

Even sillier was the line-of-the-day his staff gave him: "Donald Trump gets his foreign policy advice from the shows. He wakes up in his pajamas and watches the TV shows on Saturday and Sunday."

Um, Reagan took foreign policy advice in his pajamas, too.


  1. Poor old Jeb should just give up... there is little about the man that inspires confidence at any level.

  2. Sorry , Jeb, but the people polled have bushwhacked you.