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Saturday, December 05, 2015

No he wasn't "radicalized"

Liberals coined the verb "radicalize" to take the onus off terrorists who shoot 31 people, killing 14 of them. It is the atheistic version of the old Flip Wilson line about "the devil made me do it" (a line that predates Flip Wilson, but I like Flip Wilson). I will grant you that the devil tempts people, but people have freewill and choose to follow the devil of their own volition.

The Islamic State does not have a huge Death Ray that beams a ray across 10,000 miles to radicalize people in the West. People make choices. Global warming didn't do it. This was not a reaction to a You Tube video.

No, this assassin and his assassin wife chose to gun down people who wanted to share a Christmas celebration with them -- people who had thrown the couple a baby shower.


  1. There are at least suggestions that the last paragraph might more accurately begin with "No, this assassin and her assassin husband..."

  2. Per Erdorgan there are no moderate mooslimes.

  3. A radical Mooslime wants to kill us./ A moderate Mooslime wants a radical Mooslime to kill us. But Jeremy is right. A "moderate" Mooslime is an apostate since the Koran sez to kill the infidels. A basic precept of Islam is convert or die.

  4. The did it on their own hook, and got what they deserved, but not soon enough.

  5. THANK YOU, Don! I have been bugged by the term "radicalize" since it first appeared in the media. The word implies an Islamic terrorist is a passive tool under the control of a far-off mastermind, not the bloodthirsty thug he actually is.

  6. You make a lot more sense than the President. And, I always like Flip Wilson too.