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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nicki Minaj, who hates Trump, sings for Angolan dictator

The mainstream press and some conservative outlets had a field day over singer Nicki Minaj dissing Donald Trump.

Now the London Daily Mail reports just what kind of president she likes -- the dictatorial type.

From the Daily Mail:
Famed hip hop star Nicki Minaj performed to a packed crowd Saturday, despite human rights activists and critics calling for her concert to be canceled in the impoverished African nation of Angola.
The 33-year-old rapper was performing in the capital city of Luanda at a Christmas party hosted by the Unitel communications firm, which is part-owned by the family of the country's controversial President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. 
Dos Santos, 73, has been accused of overseeing corruption, misrule and intimidation in the country that suffers endemic poverty, despite being Africa's second-largest oil producer. 
According to the United Nations Development Programme, more than a third of the country's population of about 24 million people are living below the poverty line, and nearly 70 percent of the population lives on less than $2 a day. 
Since becoming president of Angola in 1979, dos Santos has allegedly amassed an incredible amount of money in assets by taking control of several emerging companies and industries. 
However, once it was made illegal for the president to have financial holding in companies and organizations by the Angolan Parliament, dos Santos allegedly began arranging for his daughter, Isabel dos Santos, to receive the assets. 
According to Forbes, she is Africa's first billionaire and the richest woman on the entire continent.
Dos Santos has been the dictator of Angola for 36 years -- longer than Minaj has been on this Earth. He was supported by Fidel Castro.

It's all about the Benjamins. Maybe if The Donald lowered his musical taste to the Thug Life-praising, misogynistic and racist genre called rap, she would play for him. She seems attracted to billionaires. A sample of her work:
I'm with some hood girls lookin' back at it
And a good girl in my tax bracket
Got a black card that let Saks have it
These Chanel bags is a bad habit
I-I do balls, Dal Mavericks, my Maybach, black matted
Bitch, never left but I'm back at it
And I'm feelin' myself, jack rabbit
Feelin' myself, back off,
Cause I'm feelin' myself, jack off
He be thinking about me when he whacks off
Whacks on? Wax off
National anthem hats off, then I curve that nigga, like a bad toss
Lemme get a number 2, with some Mac sauce
On The Run Tour, with my mask off.
Sorry, kids, for giving you  a 21st century that has no music.


  1. Dos Santos can keep her. Maybe we could throw in Barry and Moochell as well?

  2. Lots of good music. Rap. is not music. is where I get much of my listening pleasure. Try it.

  3. I think I saw her in a bukkake flic.

  4. Another Jimmy Carter legacy.

  5. Another reason to dislike rappers.

  6. She gives ghetto "culture" a bad name. And by "star," I presume the DM meant gutter trash.

  7. She/It is a gross no talent fat ass.