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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mufid Elfgeeh, a Muslim immigrant who became an American success -- and then a jihadist

Mufid Elfgeeh came to America as a 13-year-old refugee from Yemen, which seems to be in perpetual civil war. A Muslim, he attended American schools and eventually became the owner of a pizza joint and convenience store on North Clinton in Rochester, New York. His uncle, Abad Elfgeeh, ran an ice cream parlor in Brooklyn. Neighbors considered Uncle Abad as the unofficial mayor of the Yemeni community. But the FBI later discovered Abad Elfgeeh funneled millions of dollars to Osama bin Laden. Uncle Abad is now serving a 15-year sentence in the federal prison system.

But don't judge his nephew by the sins of his uncle. Mufid Elfgeeh would never

The Islamic State is more his style.

From the London Daily Mail:
Elfgeeh, who ran Mojoe's Famous Pizza and Chicken in Rochester, New York, until his arrest in 2014, bought two handguns and silencers that he planned to use to kill returning U.S. soldiers.  
He also purchased a laptop and a camera for two recruits for a planned trip in 2014, as well as paying $240 to help one of them get a birth certificate and expedited passport. 
Elfgeeh, who admitted two terror offences, wired $600 via Western Union to a third person in Yemen to help pay for their travel to Syria. 
Authorities said he had plotted to send three men to a 'welcoming camp' in Syria for jihadist education and training. 
Two of the recruits were FBI informants, of which one had been encouraged by the terrorist sympathizer to join fighting overseas in 2013.
The FBI made the guns he bought inoperable before a confidential source gave them to the suspect, the Justice Department statement said following his arrest.
In an earlier conversation with an undercover FBI agent, Elfgeeh spoke about the terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in Kenya by Al-Shabaab, in which 63 people were killed
Being wary of Muslims in America is not Islamophobia because a phobia is an irrational fear.

The Elfgeeh family is part of a sleeper cell. Thank you, FBI, for busting them before they could do further harm.