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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Make Charlene Storey work on December 25

Democratic Councilwoman Charlene Storey of Rosell Park, New Jersey, is taking her ball and going home. An atheist, Storey was one of two members of council who objected to calling the town's annual Christmas Tree lighting "A Christmas Tree Lighting."

So she is resigning from city council.

That will show them.

In her resignation letter, she said:
"I cannot in good conscience continue to be part of a council that is exclusionary or to work with a Mayor who is such."
Bully for her, I guess. Considering the name of the federal holiday is Christmas, I expect her to show up for work on December 25 and work straight time.

I get it. Communists hate religion. Marx mocked it as an opiate. Storey is trying to make her atheism the official religion of America. But ours is a Christian nation, founded by Christians and Jewish people. A Christmas Tree is secular. Pouting and stomping one's feet over a tree is childish. Frankly, voters made a mistake electing her.


  1. Her attitude is: I don't celebrate the Christmas holiday, therefore you can't. Perhaps she ought to consider a more "ecumenical" approach to the holiday and think about the answer to this question: Who wrote the popular holiday song, "White Christmas"?

    It was Irving Berlin....a Jew.

    My advice: Celebrate your own holidays, enjoy the holidays of other people, and take pleasure in the company and friendship of others who wish you well. At the end of life, it will be the memories and warm wishes of family and friends that mark a life lived well.

  2. Iapetus: "My advice: Celebrate your own holidays, enjoy the holidays of other people,"
    Can't do THAT! It's "cultural appropriation" doncha know! /sarc

  3. Political correctness allows a minority to bully the majority. See same sex marriage issues for example. Congratulations Rosell Park for refusing to be bullied.

  4. as an atheist myself I can only say, "good on her" for taking her useless arse from her seat, freeing it up for, hopefully (I ain't holding my breath, the voters were foolish enough to send her in the first place) someone with a bit of common sense, and common decency.

    kinda sorta on topic:
    Did the Mormon church take over the Salvation Army? I've seen the buckets manned by Elders (who ain't that Eld one might have been over 30, the rest mid 20's at most).
    Or is my long ago Catholic upringing leaving off another church with scads of Elders?
    Nice cheery folk though. better than the usual crop I see.

  5. What? She can't handle "diversity"? For SHAME.