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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kerry explains why he is not president


  1. This sorry individual was a waste of oxygen in '71 and he continues to be a waste of oxygen in '16. What a traitorous jerk. Therefore, he fits well in the democrat party.

  2. I have two science degrees not counting medicine. I gave lectures to classes in my high school on greenhouse gas effects and thermal inversions when I was still in high school. It galls me whenever an idiot like Kerry decides I need schooling on something he likely knows very little about and accepts on faith, much like just about every leftist on the planet.

  3. It is easier to pick up a turd from the clean end than get a statement that makes sense from John Kerry.

  4. Billie for Best Comment So Far!
    We don't accept the "science" because the "scientists" seem to be scamming us Big Time. And telling us to SHUT UP is a refusal to discuss or attempt to persuade--signs of "they have no proof". Not to mention the failed predictions.

  5. " I don’t think they’re gonna accept as a genuine leader someone who doesn’t understand the science of climate change "

    It's obvious the current occupant of the White House doesn't understand the science of climate change, and few people think Obama is a leader, so in that regard John Kerry is correct. What he said about the scientific dunce in the White House is absolutely true: Americans do not view Obama as a genuine leader.