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Friday, December 11, 2015

Karl M. Jabbarberger speaks out against Teutonicophobia

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is such a victim of racism in America that he made millions as a basketball player and advertising spokesman, and no has a column in the nation's leading news weekly magazine. The oppression is underwhelming.

But almost forgotten is Louis L. Cinder, a star marathon dancer in the Great Depression who changed his name to Karl M. Jabbarberger, saying he was sick of an Anglicized name and he wanted to go back to his Germanic roots. Today is the 74th anniversary of his rebuke of FDR's decision to stop accepting immigrants from Germany. Jabbarberger's column in Time was entitled, "What Franklin Roosevelt and Nazis Have in Common: The president has more in common with the Hitler's Germany than he does with America."

He began his article:
The terrorist campaign against American ideals is winning. Fear is rampant. Gun sales are soaring. Hate crimes are increasing. Crewcutted men are being mistaken for Nazis. And 83 percent of voters believe a large-scale terrorist attack is likely here in the near future. Some Americans are now so afraid that they are willing to trade in the sacred beliefs that define America for some vague promises of security from the very people who are spreading the terror. “Go ahead and burn the Constitution — just don’t hurt me at the mall.” That’s how effective this terrorism is.
I'm not talking about Nazis. I’m talking about Franklin Roosevelt.
He went on to say that President Roosevelt's harsh stance against Germany, Italy and Japan (which had just bombed Pearl Harbor) were a great recruiting tool for the Nazis -- especially his ban on their immigration and deportation of their citizens. Jabbarberger admitted Nazis prey on the weak to gain recruits, but added:
The same process works for FDR’s supporters. They are impervious to facts or truth because their (understandable) frustration and anger at partisan greed and incompetence have fatigued them out of critical thinking. They are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore. Re-electing him would be like asking the clown at a child’s birthday party to start juggling chainsaws.
Jabbarberger is a fake.

So is Kareem Abdul Jabbar's argument that we are somehow required to accept Muslim immigrants, no questions asked. Figures. Since he hung up his basketball shoes, Jabbar has made a lot of money crying racism and Islamophobia. It's all about the Benjamins. Never mind if Americans die because another dozen or so Muslim terrorists slip through.