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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Islamic State's version of Planned Parenthood

Reports hold that the Islamic State executed 38 babies because they had Down Syndrome.

MEN, women, the elderly, foreigners, non-believers and gay people.
Now it appears Islamic State have a new group of people to target — disabled children.
IS militants have reportedly issued a fatwa to its members authorising them to “kill newborn babies with Down syndrome.”
According to activist group Mosul Eye, 38 babies have already been killed since the religious decree was issued.
In a post on the Mosul Eye Facebook Page today, the media site claims any child with a disability is now at risk of being killed.
The information and video have yet to be verified.
Shocking, until you consider that at least 30% of Down Syndrome babies in this country are aborted. Indeed, we abort a million babies a year.

Sanctity of life is a hallmark of a free society. Liberals want to kill babies. Welcome to liberalism, jihadists.


  1. Fanatical Islamic jihadists have killed lots of people over the last decade, but the number pales in comparison to the 50 million abortions that have been performed in the US over the same time period. From the point of view of the next generation of children who might have been, we know who the real terrorists are, and they are not the ones waving korans at us.

  2. the Iraq insurgency was known to use downs inflicted as "suicide" bombers. The "bombers" had no clue as to what they were doing. the scum insurgents saw it as a win-win. They got to kill the doowns people, and get them to kill a few others at the same time.

  3. They have adopted scientific Darwinism - eugenics. welcome to the early 20th Century's House of Horrors.

    -Mikey NTH

  4. No wonder the abortion-approvers approve of ISIS and related scum.

  5. They keep this up and Congress will award them planned parenthood subsidies.