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Saturday, December 05, 2015

I'll Take "Things Easy To Say When 10 SUVs Of Secret Service Agents Protect You" for $200, Alex

In his Saturday remarks, President Obama once again lectured Americans on what being an American is about. As he spent his formative years (ages 4 to 10) in a foreign nation run by a genocidal dictator named Suharto, he often confuses Indonesia for America. Today he said:
We are Americans. We will uphold our values — a free and open society. We are strong. And we are resilient. And we will not be terrorized.
This was after saying we should surrender our God-given right to personal defense merely by being placed arbitrarily on a no fly list. We spend good money protecting presidents. It behooves presidents to remember that the rest of us are not protected by 10 SUVs stuffed with Secret Service agents.

Meanwhile, Michigan Congresswoman Candice Miller gave the Republican remarks:
Clearly, we have a major weakness in our visa-waiver program — a glaring hole that we have to close. The members of ISIS will use every means within their power to attack our country. And that’s why we have to use every mean within our power to defend it. We cannot afford to wait. We must act now. Thank you.
That resonates with the American people whom the president also lectured must allow in unvetted 10,000 Syrian refugees.One of the two Islamic terrorists who planted pipe bombs and killed 14 people (and wounded 17 others) had a K 1 visa.

Hat tip to Andrew Malcolm, a cyber buddy I follow on Twitter.

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