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Monday, December 21, 2015

How Kurt Russell saved Quentin Tarantino's new film

What do you do when the director of your upcoming film -- your biggest in years -- creates a controversy with a racist rant that accuses all police officers of being murderers?

Well, if you are Kurt Russell, you start talking up the Second Amendment.

His latest film -- directed by  Quentin Tarantino -- opens nationwide on Friday (Christmas) and suddenly Kurt Russell is channeling Charlton Heston on "The View":
Russell: “In reality, when we’re dealing with things like, terrorism, whatnot, we’re all going to have different opinions on how to do it. How to deal with it. Mine happens to be that, I think there’s a very strong reason the Founding Fathers had for the Second Amendment. And that is that no government ever hasn’t had to fight its own people, and its own people hasn’t had to fight its own government. We had our civil war. If that Second Amendment hadn’t have been there, those people wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do what they considered defending their life, their way, their style of living. So I agree with that. I think that’s an important part of our existence. It’s basically that simple.”
Joy Behar: “I think people more object to the excesses of the Second Amendment. Not the Second Amendment. It’s the boom, boom, boom, boom, boom guns.”
Russell: “And that’s where the debate comes in. I think it’s too bad the debate can’t remain civil, too. It’s hard to do. I talked about, sometimes talking about terrorism, whatever we do, we all have our opinion on that, too. Whatever we do, we’re a little late for the people who have died….and if you know somebody or you know a child that was maimed in that situation, I got a strong feeling that one’s opinion has a tendency to change then. So I just leave it open for interpretation by all different people and say, we’re all in this together. We’re going to hear people talk about it.”
I do not doubt the sincerity of his words, nor do I doubt the reason he is speaking out now. Millions of dollars in box office revenues are on the line. And I am willing to bet the people on "The View" want to save the movie just to show those mouth-breathing Bible thumpers.


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