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Saturday, December 05, 2015

From the people who are wrong on global warming... ISIS is no crisis

Good news from the Left. ISIS is not a crisis. It disappeared months ago -- along with the polar ice, right?

From Michael White of the Guardian on August 19, 2014:
So, let's tackle Islamic State and Kevin the Canon Fodder; better still let's encourage well-armed state actors in the region to sort out a fundamentalist problem it helped to create from Saudi and football-loving Qatar. But let's not over-react, let's not do some of the brutally counterproductive and brutal things we've done in the past. We want the lucky Kevins to survive, to come home for clean underwear, chastened not angry, and keen to go to college.
Will we still be talking about Isis in a year? I may be wrong, but I doubt it. Here's hoping.
If you believe exhaling air threatens the viability of the planet but dismiss as a fad millions of cutthroats and suicide bombers, you just may be a liberal.


  1. The Grauniad and their writers...are beyond help.

  2. When arm-chair generals and arm-chair presidents like White are demonstrably wrong in what they blithely write, they should be made to suffer a penalty that's commensurate with the magnitude of their grievous error and with the gravity of the subject on which they are mistaken. In White's case, it needn't be seppuku, but it should be something close to that, I'd say. Maybe he should be made to to forfeit a few digits on his typing hand(s). Yes, that's it. He should give us a finger or two, the way he did in his column.