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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bernie's lawsuit is brilliant strategy

Talking heads on cable TV tell us Donald Trump would be a disaster because he will drive people to vote for Hillary. They are so naive. The truth is most Americans cannot stand the woman, including a sizable number of Democrats. Eight years ago, those Democrats joined the socialists, and African-American voters to nominate Barack Obama. This time around, though, they are less likely to keep the presidential ambitions of Bernie Sanders alive because his ideas died with Eugene V. Debs. Oh, Obama had the same ideas, he just looked young and hip and cool. This time, Sanders has been unable to tap into the many Democrats who are just as unhappy with their party as Republicans are with theirs.

On Friday, Sanders made a move toward the ticked off Democrats by suing the party.

From Politico:
A civil war erupted within the Democratic Party on Friday after news that Bernie Sanders' campaign took advantage of a technological glitch to access, search and save one of Hillary Clinton's most valuable campaign assets -- her voter files.
Tension rapidly escalated throughout the day as the Democratic National Committee cut off Sanders' access to his own voter files, effectively crippling his field operation, and the senator retaliated by suing the party and accusing its leaders of plotting to hand the presidential nomination to Clinton.
He no longer is marketing himself as an outsider, but as the barbarian at the gate. Hard to be an outsider when you have been in D.C. for a quarter century. Look for his numbers to jump, hers to fall.


  1. As much as I like our (Constitutionalists) chances in 2016, I would love to see The Bern go third party. Not enough popcorn in the world.

    1. He IS third party. Why is he running as a democrat? Sure they are all communists, but he is serving in the Senate as an independsnut.

  2. "Tempest, meet Teapot. Teapot, meet Tempest."

  3. Was the DNC using Hil's servers?