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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Apparently free speech is no longer an American value

Once in a while a Miss America will do something nice -- visit the troops -- but face it, the Miss America contest is a relic of the 1920s. Over the years it has had nontroversies such as firing Bert Parks because he was too old. The contest is harmless twaddle.

But now the Miss America contest has done something unAmerican. The contest suspended Destiny Velez -- Miss Puerto Rico 2016 -- indefinitely because she tweeted about Muslims, in response to multi-millionaire Michael Moore's dumb "We Are Al Muslims" shtick.

I tire of bullies and boors who wish to silence people. Free speech is American. Free speech can be hateful, mean, nasty, unfair, ugly and profane -- but it is all that we have got.

Thought follows speech. This is why the Left goes for control of the language.

Her tweets may be poorly written and insulting.

So what?

They are her tweets. She has the right to say tweet that. And the Miss America contest damages itself far worse than she does by punishing her  for expressing her God-given right to free speech.

Sadly, she was forced to apologize and shut down her account. She is 20 and does not know better. The way to stop the bullies is to ignore them and accept whatever the consequences are.