Monday, December 14, 2015

All you other states are pagans

(Click pic for full map)

According to the Movuto Blog, the states that celebrate Christmas most are:
1. West Virginia
2. Tennessee
3. Kentucky
4. North Carolina
5. Alabama
6. South Carolina
7. Maine (tie)
7. Utah (tie)
9. Indiana
10. Missouri (tie)
10. Oklahoma (tie)
Hawaii is last? This is where the president chooses to spend Christmas every year.

And as everyone knows, half the population of North Carolina (No. 3) is from West Virginia.

From Movuto:
Now, we all have our favorite holiday movie classic, but it seemed pretty clear that a huge number of folks here thought “A Christmas Story” was tops. In fact, no other state liked this movie quite so much, so the 24-hour “Christmas Story” marathon is probably a favorite tradition for many West Virginians.
This may explain why there are no plans to resettle any Syrian refugees in Christmas Wonderland, er, West Virginia.