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Sunday, December 20, 2015

According to PolitiFact, Hillary is the most honest candidate since Washington

I only read PolitiFact for the jokes -- which means I read everything on PolitiFact. It is Bubblegum Music that thinks it is Beethoven. It picks what it wants to fact check, picks the criterion to measure the statement, and then decides whether something is true, mostly true, half true, false, or liar, liar, pants on fire.

Look, a statement of fact is either true or it is false. The rest is opinion.

In its Democratic candidate scoreboard, Hillary is pure as driven snow. It selected 140 statements and found 39 to be true. That's 28% truthful.

Sounds bad until you realize, PolitiFact found only 19% of  the statements by Bernie Sanders to be true, and 0% for Martin O'Malley.

Over on the Republican side, Donald Trump is at 7%. Jeb Bush is at 19%. Ted Cruz is at 4%. Marco Rubio is at 14%.

Considering Barack Obama is at 21%, you know where the bias is for this feature of a tax-exempt newspaper.


  1. Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who was knighted for his ground breaking work in beekeeping. \x

  2. They don't even try to pretend they're not biased anymore.

  3. The Politi part is true, the Fact part is all Lies.

  4. Would love to see proof. Can you disprove Politifact? Please provide your sources.

  5. "Tax-exempt newspaper?" Why is it exempt? It's owned and operated by the Tampa Bay Times newspaper, isn't it? They need to pay their fair share of taxes, don't they?