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Friday, November 27, 2015

Where Donald Trump got his super powers

(Graphic via Thorney Lieberman.)

Scott Adams, creator of "Dilbert," this summer predicted Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination, and win the presidency in a landslide. Adams based that on reading Trump's seven books. Adams has an MBA in economics and management from the University of California, Berkeley, which indicates he knows a little bit about marketing and organization. Adams differs from the Beltway Boys not only by education and location, but in viewing politics. They see it in two dimensions; he sees it in three, noting: "The third dimension is emotion and persuasion, not reason."

Adams believes that Trump is impervious to the daily scandals that adversely affect other candidates. Adams pointed out Trump's claim that he saw thousands of Muslims in Jersey City rejoicing on 9/11, and Trump's mocking of a New York Times reporter's spasms appear to have no ill-effect on the candidate.

Now this power does not come from Trump, but rather from Trump's supporters. Just as Barack Obama's supporters were willing eight years ago to overlook his shady dealings with mobster Anthony Rezko, his racist and anti-Semitic preacher Jerry Wright, and his political mentor Bill Ayers, so Trump's supporters are willing to ignore the bombast and incivility. In fact, that is just what they want. Just as Obama's supporters wanted the fundamental change to a third world socialist state, Trump's supporters want to restore America to the splendors of the 1980s.

Imperviousness is a key to getting elected. Voters bestow it upon their candidates. Reagan's age and Republican Party affiliation did not matter to the millions of Reagan Democrats who wanted to punish the socialists in their party.

Trump's supporters on the surface seem to want the nation protected. They want to kick the illegal aliens out and fight the Muslim terrorists.

But there is something deeper. They want to rid the nation of its political correctness. They realize socialists have silenced them on matters of import by retraining their language. They want someone who is willing to stand up to the crybullying of the left.

It is like this exchange from "Game of Thrones":
Joffrey Baratheon: YOU'RE TALKING TO A KING!
[Tyrion slaps Joffrey in the face]
Tyrion Lannister: And now I've struck a king! Did my hand fall from my wrist? 
Background for those who know nothing of the show. King Joffrey is a young insufferable king and Tyrion is his dwarf uncle (and the most popular character on the show). The analogy of Obama as Joffrey and Trump as Tyrion may not be original, but I embrace it.

The rejoicing Muslims tale is a lot like Reagan's welfare queen. The reporters insisted there was no such queen, while supporters insisted she existed. The more reporters attacked Reagan as racist, this ist, and that ist, for his story, the more supporters he got because reporters were looking as though they defended welfare cheats. Now reporters look as though they are supporting the Muslims who rejoiced on 9/11.

There is a fourth dimension at play: Revenge.

Many of Trump's supporters see the Republican Establishment as the problem. They remember how D.C. Republicans stood on the sidelines in 2008 and let the media guarddogs of Obama savage Sarah Palin.

Trump is the payback. Jeb's tears taste good.

Finally, Trump does not apologize. That is seen as what a leader does. Given that Obama has never apologized for anything he has done (his apologies are always for what others did long before he was born), perhaps apologies are no longer desired by Americans.

We shall see how this all works out. But as Scott Adams wrote, "I don’t think Trump planned any of the problems of this week, by the way. None of this was a master strategy sort of thing. But my prediction is that he shakes it off because his 'mistakes' live in the 2D world of politics and we only pretend to care about that dimension. Trump would not be dominating the Republican field if we did. And on the third dimension, Trump continued to dominate."


  1. Hillary's supporters believe in their heart of hearts that she's zigging to the political Left in order to undermine Sanders, but will zag to the political Center once the real election campaign begins. Trump's supporters believe he is saying and doing outrageous things now in order to distance himself from his competition, but will moderate the tone of his campaign once he wins the Republican nomination. There's probably a bit of truth to what both groups think. My personal choice is still Fiorina, but if I am left with the ineluctable choice on election day between Hillary and Trump, I am inclined to believe that HRC, Her Royal Criminal, poses a more serious threat to America's future and my well being than The Donald.

  2. To me, Trump is your Uncle that calls it like he sees it, your Mom and a few others get mad when he steps on their toes but all is good because he is the guy that gets things done in the family that others only talk about.
    Trump is the member of the family that takes care of the Grandparents when others only pay lip service, he is the guy that tells the neighbors across the street that he will shoot their pit bull is it craps in his yard while everyone else on the street gripes about it but they are too afraid to confront the neighbors.
    Trump is the guy that busts your balls about things but picks you up when you need it.
    Finally, he is the guy that asks you to go fishing with him and he has the best boat at the docks, the fridge is full of every beer imaginable, he has his hot live in girlfriend who is old enough to be his daughter or maybe even granddaughter in a micro bikini getting everyone a drink, fixing a plate of food for everyone and still is on good terms with his just as hot ex wife and mother of his kids and she comes to the Holiday Dinners and is not mad, jealous or does not cause a scene.