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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Declare West Virginia a sanctuary state for carbon dioxide

Cities across the land can ignore federal immigration laws by declaring themselves sanctuary cities.

West Virginia should do the same and declare itself a sanctuary state for carbon dioxide.

Science after all is on our side.

In West Virginia, we believe in science, including photosynthesis, which basically takes two nutrients -- water and carbon dioxide -- to create the various sugars that are the basis for plant and animal life on this planet. We mine coal, then burn it for electricity, releasing plenty of carbon dioxide from the bowels of the Earth, while providing cheap energy to run our schools and our hospitals.

I am not really sure why opponents of coal hate education and health care.

Because of its value to the planet, West Virginia provides a sanctuary to carbon dioxide, even as a science-challenged president seeks to suppress the production of carbon dioxide by others. Our president continues to use 10 SUVs to travel to the golf course, when he does not fly there by helicopter. Secretary of State John Kerry is pushing a plan to "prevent" global warming -- as if Man could do that.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey sent Kerry a letter explaining why Kerry is wrong. The letter is here. The key points are:
First, we believe you have a duty to acknowledge to negotiating nations at Paris 2015 that the centerpiece of the president’s domestic CO2 reduction program is being challenged in court by a majority of States and will likely be struck down.
Second, in order to be legally binding, any agreement arising from Paris 2015 must be submitted to the United States Senate for ratification under clear constitutional requirements.
The Daily Caller has a story here.

By the way, photosynthesis is real science. There have been 10 Nobel Prizes in chemistry for work in this field. So far there have been Zero Nobels in science for the goofball global warming theory; its award was a peace prize.

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  1. We all know the value of the Peace Prize: Zero, Zip. Zilch, Nada. Besides, the AlGoreBull Wormenists are not at all peaceful.