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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Was 2008 Peak Democratic Party?

Best showing by Republicans since 1928.

In many ways, better. Democrats can no longer count on a "Solid South" -- a euphemism for the Confederacy. A half-century after the restoration of Civil Rights for black people (after the Supreme Court struck them down in 1883, Republicans finally took over Statehouses in the South for the first time since the Civil War's postwar Reconstruction Era.

Gee, Tea Party really hurt Republicans, didn't it?

That is due to the realization that the Democratic Party is really a socialist party. Following the end of the Cold War, Russia adopted capitalism and we pursued communism. It's daft.

Obamacare, with its broken promise of free health insurance, has crashed and burned in the public's opinion. Kentucky Democrats ran with it and lost the state on Tuesday.

Global warming, with its call to end carbon dioxide emissions, also crashed and burned as after 30 years of this junk science, the majority of Americans realize not a single prediction of gloom and doom has come true. Not one.

Obama also turned his promise of racial harmony into Ferguson.

On top of that, Obama's embrace of Bruce Jenner and Obama's DEMAND that boys in drag be allowed in girls bathrooms in schools has disgusted most people.

The media keeps saying Republicans are a white party that will die out.

Democrats are a crazy party that will go first.

Maybe both parties die and we finally elect people on their individual merit. Maybe we elect our wisest people directly to the Electoral College and they choose wiser presidents.


  1. Are you sure this info is correct? After all, everyone here on this blog is convinced that we are a country run by the damn liberal media ... or MSM ... leftist agendas; Kenyan-born presidents, socialist legislators etc. Does the minority Ds still have control of this country right now in spite of the overwhelming R takeovers or not? Rs have had the White House for 20 of the last 35 years. You Rs have real identity issues. You're so confused.
    "That is due to the realization that the Democratic Party is really a socialist country. Following the end of the Cold War, Russia adopted capitalism and we pursued communism. " You mean this occurred because the great Ronald Reagan tore down "that wall." ?

    1. Thanks. Fixed typo in the post. Sadly, I cannot fix the factual errors , assumptions, and hatred in your reply.

    2. Make up your mind Surber. Just two weeks ago, you disputed Trump's "Lets Make America Great Again" slogan by noting how the US has exploded with capitalism and Russia was one big toilet. Now you are writing that America is one big socilastic country and Russia "adopted capitalism." Which post reflects your sentiment. You ought to be a politician. You speak grandly out of both sides of your mouth.

    3. Oh for heaven's sake. Where in the post do I say that America is not great? Pursued is not the same as adoption, by the way. You loathe me yet I doubt we met.

    4. "Following the end of the Cold War, Russia adopted capitalism and we pursued communism. It's daft."
      "We still do capitalism better than anyone else. The five largest companies (by market cap value) are all American: Apple, Google, Exxon, Berkshire Hathaway, and Microsoft. "

      Make up your mind. Are we a socialistic country or a capitalistic one? Where in my post did I say .... that you said ... America is not great? I looked up "Straw Man" in the dictionary and your blog was cited next to it. You can thank me now. Your comments for a post has exceeded a half-dozen. A record?

    5. Maybe you should tell China you can't mix collectivism with capitalism, or at least try. Just part of the "fundamental change (for the worse)" Obama and the democrats are chasing. Yeah, America.

  2. Isn't it cute when lefty starts whining about the GOP while ignoring the facts laid out before them. Your boy Preezy and the Democrats Congress forced Obamacare down the collective throats of the country, and its been a colossal failure, between "You can keep your plan" to the price increases and lack of coverage instead of savings and accessibility everyone this is solely on the neo-fascist liberals.

    The rogues gallery you are running for President besides resembling the pasty old cast of Cocoon III include a bonafide socialist/communist & a power hungry harpy that makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout. Jack Kennedy was an anti-communist, cold warrior who cut taxes, compare him to the sniveling cowardly lead from behind who has quadrupled the debt

    1. JimR - I am not running any "rogues gallery" for Prez. I think we are doomed from both sides this go around. Make fun of the Ds all you want, I will join you. But keep in mind, the leading R thinks a guy named Joseph built the pyramids to store grain; thinks the world was created in 6 days and has been quoted as saying the anti-Christ is walking the earth now and the end of times is near. And he's the sane one compared to Trump?

  3. Carson's beliefs are no more irrational than those of any liberal I run into any day of the week in the university town I live in. I suspect that you have a great deal of trouble carrying on a conversation.