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Friday, November 27, 2015

Six actors who aged horribly

You have seen the advertisements for listicles of "Actors who aged horribly." I always wonder what the compiler looks like. Well, everyone knows what I look like, so here is my listicle of actors who went from good-looking to ugly. Includes Carrie Fisher.

1. John Hurt.

He no longer is a man, he is an animal.

2. Eric Stoltz.

Cher should have given her the name of her plastic surgeon when they starred in that movie together.

3. Ben Chapman Jr.

One of the rare actors who grew better looking as he aged.

4. Boris Karloff

Smoking will turn you into a monster, kids.

5. Ian McDiarmid

This is what happens when you stop being a republican.

(Hey, it is a political blog.)

6. Carrie Fisher

I liked her better in "Shampoo," OK?


  1. #5. McDiarmid looks a bit like the young Chas Krauthammer in that picture. Doppelgängers?

  2. Carrie still looks good to me.