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Sunday, November 22, 2015

President Obama believes most Americans are unAmerican?

Overwhemingly, Americans despised, hated, and loathed Obamacare.

But everyone in the Democratic Party knew better than those foolish, mouth-breathing, Christ-believing American. Democrats imposed Obamacare on the nation. Five years later, the American majority proved right. Obamacare is worse than doing nothing.

Now the Democratic Party wants to import 100,000 Syrian refugees and the public. President Obama keeps saying this is who we are and implies it is unAmerican not to accept refugees unconditionally. Today the president said:
I was being very specific about some of the commentary that was made that would suggest, for example, that we might let Christians in but not Muslims; that we — somehow we’re so fearful that a four-year-old orphan might be let in. And those of you who joined me to the refugee center yesterday and you saw those kids, that’s who we’re talking about. If you are a parent and you saw those kids, and you thought about what they had gone through, the notion that we couldn’t find a home for them anywhere in the United States of America, that is contrary to our values. And the good news is, is that the overwhelming majority of the people who know that we are screening and all the precautions that are already taken — if they saw those kids, they’d say, yeah, we need to do right by those children.
The family of Elian Gonzalez would like a word with this president about turning away orphans...