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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

It's not a phobia if the fear is real

From the Washington Post: "Why Houston’s gay rights ordinance failed: Fear of men in women’s bathrooms."

From Huffington Post: "Obama Backs Transgender Teen In School Restroom Dispute."

I remember when they said gay marriage was not on their agenda -- just ass abortion on demand and the legalization of marriage were not either.


  1. I think you mean "legalization of pot", yes?

    Well, you can't expect Hillary! to run on the Democrats' putrid economic record, or the resurgence of Islamofascism on her and Obama's watch.

  2. You know what's amazing about all this? In the 70's Phyllis Schlafly went to state legislatures to warn about passing the ERA [Equal Rights Amendment]. One of her warnings was that public and school bathrooms would be gender neutral and women would share bathrooms with men at the cinemas and our daughters would be showering in the lockers with boys, etc. Feminists mocked her as a fear-monger, saying privacy laws would prevent that.

    Schlafly was absolutely right

  3. Don, "...just ass abortion..." should have only one "s" . Funny as all get out, but may want to change it. And delete my comment.

    1. I though ass abortion referred to impeaching Obama.

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