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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Hillary senility watch No. 1

“We’re in a period of one of the worse refugee crises that we’ve ever faced,” Clinton said in Coralville. “It’s an international problem and I think we should have more of an international response. But then we have to ask ourselves why is this happening? And why is it happening? Because of terrible governance, because of corruption, because of conflict, because of climate change.”


  1. What an idiot. The real answer? Because of Islam. Can't say because not PC.

  2. Given the shrinking of Hillary's stroked out brain we need to remeasure the distance from the rim of her nostrils to the center of her skull with a calibrated icepick. Get back with the new data. Thanks.

  3. Up to this point, "Because of terrible governance, because of corruption, because of conflict..", I was with her. But the solution to refugees being driven out of a country because of those conditions isn't to destroy your own country. It to go fix theirs.

    Isn't that colonialism? Maybe it is. But the people who complain the loudest about colonialism are the ones who have create the worst conditions in the world. Maybe we shouldn't listen to them anymore.

    1. There isn't enough money, let alone manpower, to go everywhere that needs fixing, and fix them. Might be a piece of a part of the money, if we could eliminate most the the executive branch and regulatory agencies. Still not enough manpower. Building a wall across the southern border would be cheaper.

  4. An international response? The only other big militaries which could do it are China and Russia, and they don't have Europe's interests at heart. Nor ours. And "Climate Change" is not a cause.

  5. As I'm sure most here have heard the old adage of, "You can only sh*t in your own nest for so long before you are nesting in your own sh... and blah, blah."
    Hillary has been crapping in her own devious cranium since Truman was President; and it shows!
    You folks are up against a world of grief should this harridan grab the reins of power...better get on it with conviction.

    Me?, I'm from Canada ...and I'm concerned.