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Monday, November 09, 2015

Global warming glacier may replace Christmas

Snotty liberals for years have claimed their is no war on Christmas, even as they sneer at Christianity. Now liberals are showing their true color when it comes to Christmas -- polar bear white.

Liberals are pressing malls to adopt politically correct holiday glaciers -- a blatant homage to the religion of global warming -- to replace the Christmas tree. One mall caved in North Carolina.

From the Charlotte Observer on Saturday:
When children visit Santa Claus at Southpark Mall this year, they’ll be doing it under a faux glacier, rather than a Christmas tree.
The shopping center says the change will make the Santa-visiting experience “fresh and exciting,” but already on Twitter Friday some were complaining about the replacement of a traditional Christmas symbol.
Additionally, the mall will not be holding its popular tree-lighting in Symphony Park as it’s done in years past, a spokeswoman said.
SouthPark is among the first wave of Simon malls to get one of the glaciers. The giant white mound will feature interactive elements, including a sound and light show every 30 minutes, the mall said in a statement Friday.
The newspaper cheerily reported the story without bothering to ask any conservative about it. (But then again, it cannot decide if the mall is Southpark or SouthPark.)

But today, the Charlotte Observer reported:
SouthPark mall made a mistake when it chose to replace its traditional Christmas tree with a faux glacier, the company’s president said Sunday, and the controversial display will be removed sometime Monday.
“It was a mistake, and we had to correct,” Simon Malls President David Contis said Sunday. “If we lose money, so be it.” Indianapolis-based Simon Malls owns SouthPark as well as Charlotte Premium Outlets and Concord Mills.
SouthPark mall shoppers did not take kindly to the mall replacing its traditional Christmas tree with the controversial glacier as part of its Santa display, so the shopping center announced this weekend that the tree is coming back.
The decision to add the glacier wasn’t intended to be secular at all, Contis told the Observer on Sunday. The glacier, which featured interactive elements such as a sound and light show, cost tens of thousands of dollars and took many months to build, he added.
Global warming didn't melt the Charlotte Glacier; public opinion did.

Liberals lost round one. But as with abortion on demand, gay marriage, and the legalization of marijuana, liberals are in it for the long haul.


  1. Quick, what do glaciers have to do with winter? Christmas? Santa? Holidays?

    Every glacier I've been to, I visited in the summer, albeit the Alaska and Canadian summers.

  2. As you say--it's gonna be a long, long haul.

  3. They couldn't add a tree to the display? Good grief, does everything have to be either/or? The article writer sounded like this was a major battle in CultureWar, when all the mall needed to do was acknowledge that people want the kid's picture with Santa to remind then off Christmas, not "Ice Age".