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Monday, November 02, 2015

From the people who said waterboarding the planner of 9/11 was torture....

The Hill reported: "A correspondent for the Washington Post was escorted out of a meeting between Secretary of State John Kerry and Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov on Sunday."

Fro Human Rights Watch: "Uzbekistan’s human rights record is atrocious. Thousands are imprisoned on politically-motivated charges. Torture is endemic in the criminal justice system. Authorities continue to crackdown on civil society activists, opposition members, and journalists. Muslims and Christians who practice their religion outside strict state controls are persecuted, and freedom of expression is severely limited. The government forces more than two millions adults to harvest cotton under abusive conditions. Authorities still deny justice for the 2005 Andijan massacre, in which government forces shot and killed hundreds of protesters. Despite this, the United States and European Union continue to advance closer relations with Uzbekistan.  Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people  face deep-rooted homophobia and discrimination."

Well, at least the reporter was not boiled alive. (See Paragraph 14.)


  1. Tain't funny, Don, nor cool, either, for reactions. Your headline and the picture tell thw whole sordid story.

  2. If this were 1938, the Obama administration would have no moral qualms about concluding a nonaggression pact with Hitler. For proof: see recent Iran deal concluded on Iran's terms, of which Obama is so proud.

    So, tell me, what was the point of the Obama-Clinton war on Libya and its meshugenah dictator, Daffy Duck. Saddam Hussein = good? Daffy Duck = bad? There is not a smidgen of rationality or morality in Obama's foreign policy. The man says he is a Christian, but he does not act like one.