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Friday, October 16, 2015

Why the Journal-Sentinel loses readers

Newspapers survived radio, movie news reels, and television.

They stumble in the Age of the Internet because they no longer are run by men hungry for money but by credentialed snobs who believe they are entitled to power. They buy and push a pedestrian and reactionary liberalism, but cannot make a cogent argument for their cause, and so they sneer.

Consider this editorial from the Journal-Sentinel in Milwaukee:
The National Rifle Association and its supplicants in legislatures around the country and the U.S. Congress have a ready and facile answer for the problem of gun violence in the United States.
More guns.
If only the students inside that Oregon community college were armed when a student killed nine and injured nine others Oct. 1. If only teachers in the nation's high schools carried guns. If only carrying firearms was legal everywhere.
But it's a fantasy the firearms industry has inflated in the minds of supporters.
And on and on the attack goes. So people who disagree with them are either evil (NRA, firearms industry) or dummies who just accept what evil people tell them.

But the fact is, the argument for guns is based on statistics. There seems to be a causal relationship between increases in legal gun ownership and a drop in homicides. A Harvard study suggests this.

My point is that there is a valid argument for expanding legal gun ownership that the Journal-Sentinel owners and managers not only ignore but mock.

Continually insulting your readers is a good way to lose them.


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  2. "My mind is made up. I think what I am told by the dogma to think. If you don't think what I think, you are be definition stupid. Don't keep trying to muddy the water with facts."

  3. Sounds like the Indianapolis Star. Insult your readers and insist you know what's best for them, and then when readers start dropping your rag like flies, you double down and go even further to the left.

  4. They will not discuss differences. They can only dismiss or attribute them to crazy thinking. So they have no way to show or convince someone else that he/she could be wrong, and they cannot conceive of themselves being wrong.