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Friday, October 23, 2015

Welcome back, Speaker Pelosi

How bloody awful was the Hillary Clinton hearing on Thursday? The hearing may have cost Republicans the 2016 House elections. Hillary owned the committee. They hit her for 11 hours and she was smiling at the end. Forget what she said. That is all he said, she said. The picture of her triumphing over Republicans is gold -- no, platinum -- to her campaign and the Democratic Party.

Just as Democrats blew it with the Iran-Contra hearings, Trey Gowdy blew it with Benghazi, which is now Arabic for Iran-contra.

The public does not care. It looked like a witch hunt.

Frankly, Republicans deserve to be thrown the hell out of national office. Almost a year into the first Republican Congress since 2006, the party has done absolutely nothing for the country. Obamacare? Still the law. Deficits? Still there. The border? Still porous.

These fools cannot even pick a Speaker of the House.

That is how it looks to the American people.

You and I know Benghazi was important, and that Paul Ryan will be speaker. But the vast majority of people look at Republicans as the clown car party.

Donald Trump is their leading presidential candidate? Are you serious?

That's how most people look at it.

Republicans have to hold 24 Senate seats next year in order to maintain control of the Senate. That is unlikely. Republicans will pay a price for their inaction.

You need 218 seats to control the House. The latest Cook Report shows 208 safe Republican seats, 25 likely or leans Republican seats, and only 14 in trouble.

But that is last week's report. The hearing made it easier for Democrats to reverse the polarity of the House and make Pelosi the Speaker again. The public sees the hearing as a partisan attack on the next president. They ask what have Republicans done.

This cannot happen?

That's what Democrats said in 2010.

Republicans need to wake up and smell the latte.


  1. Well, it not like Nancy Pelosi wasn't already controlling the House and Harry Reid the Senate.

  2. Too much wailing Don. All politics is local as the Tipster said. cheer up

  3. It was a witch hunt. Alas, the witch got away.

  4. I'd agree that having Trump leading is awful, until you realize that the democrats have Hillary and Bernie. Democrats are so used to Clinton corruption they never thought Benghazi was anything, and the general population could care less one way or another, so I wouldn't worry about that.

  5. Give it time Don, the public is listening and will not reward the Clinton's. House is safe, senate is a toss up and we are in good shape for the presidency.